What Gay Marriage Looks Like In Other Cultures

by Allie Healy

Genius photographer Braden Summers is putting a (really, really attractive) face on the gay rights debate with his "All Love Is Equal" photo campaign. The strikingly beautiful photo series depicts various gay couples from all around the globe, each embracing, smiling, and expressing their tremendous love for each other in their home countries.

As he mentioned on his website, Summers traveled the world for six weeks in order to make the project a reality. He trekked throughout the UK, France, India, Lebanon, Brazil, and the U.S. to photograph his subjects and create his "dreamy illustrations" that challenge stereotypical ideas of romance and love. Summers said he would like to use his work as a platform to discuss why we don't associate homosexual couples with being iconically romantic.

Summers' work not only encourages us to think differently, it assists the general population into relating to the people in the images. As seen in the photos, couples are pictured doing everyday activities, such as dancing in street, or enjoying an afternoon together at a coffee shop. They're just like you and I — if you and I are strikingly attractive and engaging in these everyday activities in front of picturesque backdrops, that is.

Though the people pictured are models (that explains it!) and not actual couples, Summers said the photos act as documentations and examples of what "open expressions of love in different cultures 'could' look like in a future, more accepting time."

Images: Braden Summers Photography