The World Is Going Crazy Over Bieb's New Do

Award shows often serve as opportunities for huge style unveilings, and Justin Bieber at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards proved absolutely no exception. After several years of sporting his signature coiffed do with iced tips, the pop star recently started making waves with unkempt, dyed blond locks that looked distinctly Kurt Cobain-esque. And when his hair wasn't long, it was almost always chemically processed.

Then tonight, during his much-anticipated BBMA performance which featured a medley of his hit songs, the singer stormed the stage in surprisingly understated blue jeans, a white-tee, and cardigan, with matching, all natural cropped hair. It was way more boy-next-door than super rich, super famous pop sensation.

To add to the air of simplicity, Bieber kept his acceptance speech for Top Male Artists super short and humble, thanking his fans and wishing everyone a good night. Could the Biebs be turning over a new leaf, and even perhaps maturing? While only time will tell, I think it's safe to say we're seeing a new phase in the star's style evolution.

And whether you love his hair or hate it, needless to say social media is abuzz with chatter about The Bieb's new do. Here are some of the best (and funniest) internet reactions.

And, of course, no reaction is funnier than Bieber's own reaction to his new do.

But on to other people's funny commentary...