You've Got Mail, And It Smells Like Flowers

Throw away those Scratch 'n' Sniff stickers and forget that phony Smell-O-Vision. Times have changed. Meet the oPhone, the newest gadget in sensory technology. Brought to you by Vapor Communications, the oPhone — the "o" representing olfactory — is a mobile device that can send emails and text messages accompanied by a scent of your choosing.

Technology genius and Harvard University professor David Edwards and his students created the smelly contraption, which is able to transmit aromas from four small scent chips that have numerous scents pre-programmed. So, for instance, you can send a text to your friend about the amazing Italian bakery down the street, and attach a scent to the message that will allow the receiver to smell freshly baked bread. Mind blown.

Ophones are able to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth, allowing for easily accessible scent no matter where you are in the world. Edwards is currently looking into creating a virtual coffee bar, where users can cappuccinos and receive fruit tarts, all through scents. Though the oPhone will not be for sale to the public until later this year (total bummer), the idea of the technology and vapor communication itself is absolutely amazing. Three cheers for science!

Image: Vapor Communications