11 Graduation Hairstyles For Short Hair

'Tis the season to be excited, nervous, and a little stressed – it's graduation time! You might be fretting about what to wear, because let's face it, your graduation pictures last a lifetime, but if you're a gal with shorter locks, have you thought about graduation hairstyles for short hair? There's plenty of inspo out there for gals with longer locks, but ladies with shorter tresses may feel stuck in a style rut.

The trouble is, when graduation day comes around, you'll be well aware that you'll need to wear a cap and gown over your awesome ensemble and unique 'do, for a big chunk of the day. Although you may be looking forward to the end of the ceremony, when you can chuck your cap in the air with glee and a sigh of good riddance, you're going to need a hairstyle that holds until you get to the part when you can party. In essence, your hairstyle needs to be a lot of things, all neatly tied up in a bow. Depending on your educational institute, graduation day hair is usually formal, looks good under a cap, and shows off your unique personality. Your go-to hairstyle may be completely out of the window now you know roughly how big your graduation cap is.

So here are some graduation hairstyles for short hair, that are sure to make your mane look lovely, even underneath your cap.

1. The Halo Braid

Thought it was impossible to braid fine, short hair? Think again! This quick tutorial shows you how to get a decadent halo braid that'll make you look heavenly on graduation day.

2. The Simple Short Styles

If you're looking for a style that's quick and easy – to give you more time to celebrate – you'll find a selection of styles in this tutorial.

3. The Curly 'Do

Girly girls are sure to love this curly, feminine style that will look great with or without a graduation cap.

4. The Slicked Back Style

Folks with very short hair can rock a stunning, sleek style as featured in this video. Just make sure your gel dries first, otherwise your cap could get a little messy!

5. The Indie Hairstyles

If you're looking for something a little different that showcases your unique, indie style, this cool tutorial features an array of sweet styles that'll help you stand out from the crowd.

6. The 3 Minute Up 'Do

Don't fret if you run out of time on the morning of your graduation, just watch this speedy, three minute tutorial that'll help you achieve a super pretty up 'do. During the ceremony the headband will likely be hidden by your cap, but afterwards you'll be able to change up your look with no effort, when you take off your cap to reveal your cute headband.

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7. The Textured Tresses

There's no need to worry about your hair going flat under your cap when you're rocking a textured style. Follow the simple steps in this tutorial to ensure you don't end up with hat hair.

8. The Zero Heat Up 'Dos

Perhaps protecting your hair is of the utmost importance to you? If you prefer to limit using heated tools on your hair, these no-heat hairstyles will likely be right up your street.

9. The Hollywood Glam Hairstyle

Gals who want to channel their favorite Hollywood starlets will be over the moon to discover this hair and makeup look that'll help you unleash your inner Marilyn Monroe, because glamor never goes out of fashion.

10. The Faux Hawk

Of course, you will need to bring some supplies to help you fix your hair once you've removed your cap, but this edgy faux hawk is totally worth the effort. Failing that, you could always wear your cap towards the back of your head, so that there's little work needed after your ceremony is over.

11. The Trendy Tresses

If you're really stuck in a rut and you want to decide how you feel on the day, these trendy styles will help you make up your mind. Although a couple of these might not fit under your cap, there are some drop dead gorgeous (and quick) styles in this tutorial. Spoiler: You're probably going to want green hair after watching this.

Don't play it safe on graduation day, opt for a gorgeous new style to wow your family and friends, and above all, prove that short hair can be just as swoon-worthy as longer locks.

Image: Vintageena/YouTube