11 Latex Brands To Help Unlock Your Inner Kim K

If you, like me, literally lost your mind when you saw Kim Kardashian rock that nude latex look in 2014 — and continued to lose it every time she rocked it again — then you might be wondering where to buy latex fashion. That way, you could recreate the reality star's looks in your own home, post them as your Instagram #OOTD, and sport them in whatever clubs your friends drag you to.

Latex may have been a look for club kids and BDSM aficionados in the past, but with more and more celebrities wearing the material, it has more of a sartorial edge to it than ever before. In fact, wearing a latex dress may even be the most foolproof way to make a style statement without having to put too much thought into what you're wearing.

Although this is a look that often comes with a pretty hefty price tag — what else could we expect from Mrs. Kardashian-West? — it feels to me like it's worth it. Your latex piece, which can be custom-made by many brands, will likely be a part of your wardrobe for years to come. It'll be a statement item, and it'll earn its own price back in the amount of compliments you'll receive. So if you're interested in going bold in some latex-y threads, look no further than these 11 brands.

1. Syren Latex

Latex Trench Coat, $548, Syren

Being able to choose your color and trim is just one of the perks of buying a handmade garment, including a latex one. This particular trench coat would be perfect for the rain, giving new meaning to waterproof coats along the way.

2. Kim West Latex

Leopard Print Pencil Skirt, $318, Kim West Latex Fashion

Recently collaborating with curve model Felicity Hayward, Kim West Latex is a British brand that offers fun prints that you can't find anywhere else. The looks are perfect for kitschy babes everywhere.

3. Polymorphe

Perfecto Jacket, $387, Polymorphe

Its vast and varied collection of styles and types of latex clothing makes Polymorphe a great brand to invest in, especially when you find gems like this rocker jacket amongst all the clothes.

4. Eustratia

Candy Stripe Crop Top, $75, Eustratia

I saw someone wearing frilly, high-waisted latex panties at a local drag night and she gave me the flyer for this brand. I instantly fell in love. Couture but club-worthy, this British company is perfect for latex beginners.

5. Mico Couture

Two Tone Longline Latex Bra, $90, Mico Couture

Only five years old, this latex brand is all about making handmade beauties. The clothing ranges from basic club-wear to more fashionable pieces like this two-piece, which I absolutely adore.

6. Vex Clothing

Doll Dress, $255, Vex Clothing

A bit more punk rock — as you can probably tell by the name — Vex Clothing is marginally cheaper than the other brands here and still offers some really original designs, too.

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7. Atsuko Kudo

Paris Cup Pencil Dress, $409, Atsuko Kudo Coture Latex Design

Recognize this dress? It's because it's one of the many latex dresses Kim Kardashian has worn before. Two years later, Bella Hadid wore it to the Met Gala afterparty. So if you want to literally look like Kim K, consider investing in this gorgeous little number.

8. William Wilde

Latex Siren Skirt, $101, William Wilde

With an extensive range of latex underwear, it may be easy to miss William Wilde's clothing collections, but there are more than a few gems to be found there.

9. Pandora Deluxe

Lace Up Front Latex Dress, $210, Pandora de Luxe

Hit up two trends at once with this lace-up latex dress. If that's not up your alley, there's plenty more on offer at Pandora Deluxe.

10. Westward Bound

Classic Latex Rubber Leggings, $81.96, Westward Bound

Don't forget that you can dress latex down as much as you can dress it up. Wear these leggings with a crop top and sneakers to make a statement in your day-to-day.

11. Ardita

Tomeoki Skirt, $599, Arditaff

Fully customizable in color and size, with particularly unique designs, Ardita is a latex brand that proves that this material is 100 percent a style staple.

Hopefully you've found a garment or a brand on this list that you're willing to invest in. Whether it's a company that Kim Kardashian actually uses herself, or an independent brand that will cater entirely to your needs, there's a latex look out there for everyone.

Images: Scott Barbour/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Courtesy Brands