10 Unique Tattoo Ideas That Anyone Can Pull Off

Tattoos usually match the personality of the person getting one — a minimalist will get something unfussy, a dreamer will get something poetic, an art appreciater will get ink that's creative. But everyone likes a stand-out piece, which is why there are quirky tattoos anyone can pull off. Why quirky? Because those pieces have a tendency to move away from the status quo and play with different ideas and techniques. Topics like Russian nesting dolls or sleeping kittens can come up, and techniques like single-line techniques and double exposure are dabbled in. They're creative and playful, but they also work for almost everyone because each person has a creative and cheeky side to them.

Everyone has quirks and enjoys seeing the world with a fresh and interesting perspective, and a quirky tattoo can help share that. That doesn't mean you'll have to get thimbles or faeries on your skin; rather you might be open to not commonly seen images and ideas instead. See what I mean below — here are 10 quirky tattoo ideas that anyone can pull off. Now that it's summer time and sleeves and hems are being rolled up, it might be time to get one!

1. Make A Heart A Home

Whether you're a crazy cat lady, a fur-baby mom, or make homes out of hearts, this tattoo would be perfect. It gives off a cozy, loving sentiment — especially with one of the aortas acting like a chimney. D'aww.

2. Succulents For The Win

Flash your love of succulents or gardening with this cool potted succulent tattoo. It's quirky and cute, and perfect with a person with a fun personality.

3. A Bouquet Of Flowers

If femininity and a girlier style is the name of your game, than a bold tat of a bouquet of flowers could be just what you're looking for. This one is especially fun because you have an actual hand holding out the bouquet, adding an extra element to the look.

4. Play With Geometrics

Not into bold photos or dizzying designs? Try something that clean and minimal, like these geometric tattoos. Even though it's just two triangles intersecting, it still gives off an impact. And bonus points? It won't take hours to ink on! Little pain and a lot of gain.

5. Adventure Bound

Is your passport filled with stamps and a backpack is currently swung over your shoulder? Or have you not left your hometown yet, but have big plans to see the world one day? What can better describe that adventurous attitude then this tat?

6. A Bold Pattern

Whether you interpret it as waves, a flower, or just curling ribbons, something so bold but so minimalist-esque it a statement anyone can pull off.

7. Old School Cool

Channel your inner old-timey sailor and get an old-school tattoo that hails back to a more romantic time. Even if you have no interest ever getting shipwrecked or swimming with mermaids, the throwback style of this tattoo can work on just about anyone.

8. Russian Doll Tattoo

This one is just too adorbs for words.

9. A Couple Tattoo

Immortalize your favorite couple (or you and your beau) with a minimalist couple tat like this one. The single-line technique makes it look fluid and classy, giving it a timeless feel.

10. Patterned Florals

It's got a mandala feel without being too overwhelming or intricate. It's big and bold, but also has a lot of negative space. It's a work of art and can be pulled off by anyone that has an appreciation for pretty things.

If any of these strike your fancy, then it just might be time to get some fresh new ink!

Images: heartshapedtattoos/ Instagram