Kim K Can't Quit Contouring This One Facial Part

When historians look back on the twenty-teens, they'll undoubtedly look at Kim Kardashian-West as the contour queen. She's known for this expert-level beauty technique that has changed the makeup game, but apparently, she's ditching it for strobing. Still, according to The Cut, Kim Kardashian won't stop contouring her nose. You can't quit what you love!

Kim Kardashian looks very different today than she did in the early years of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Money and fame can buy you better makeup artists and better spray tans, and even medical beauty procedures. However, Kim K claims she didn't get a nose job (no judgement here either way), so that's where contouring came in. Even though the contouring trend is starting to take a back seat to strobing, Kim K claims she will never stop contouring her nose.

"I'm trying to wear less," Kardashian-West said of contouring to makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury at Vogue's annual festival in London. "I'm really into strobing now, so just highlighting the skin without using bronzer."

Strobing is taking highlighting to another level by totally skipping bronzers and contours altogether. But if you can't imagine a world without your contour kit, no worries — Kardashian-West can't either. "I don't think I'd stop contouring my nose," Kim K told Tilbury.

Me either, Kimmie. If you're like us, here are my favorite tips for learning how to contour your nose like a pro:

1. Choose A Matte Contour Powder

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder, $44,

I love matte powder for contouring, because dark conceals and light reveals. Conceal the width of your nose by brushing this contour powder on each side of the bridge. Tip: The closer your contour lines are together, the smaller the nose will look.

2. Choose A Tiny Brush

Sigma Beauty E34, $14,

Start contouring about half way up the bridge of your nose, and be sure to tap away excess powder before directly applying to your face. Why? The powder can be extra intense where the brush first touched your face, so tapping away the excess product first will diffuse the pigment in a good way.

3. Blend Out With A Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender, $20.00,

With a damp beauty blender and your go-to face powder, blend out the contour with a beauty sponge. This will help the contour look more natural, which is the goal!

5. Contour Around Your Nostrils

With your tiny brush, contour around the curves of your nostrils to make them appear smaller.

6. Highlight The Tip Of Your Nose

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, $38,

Bring attention to your nose with a touch of highlight on the tip. If you love the bridge of your nose, highlight that as well. Remember, light reveals and brings attention!

Once you learn how to properly contour your nose, you may never go back, just like Kim K!

Images: Courtesy of Brands