The Kardashian Summer Squad Line Is So Affordable

by Sienna Fantozzi

Summer is right around the corner, and if you're ready to switch up your beauty game for the new season, you absolutely have to check out the new Kardashian Beauty collection. I mean, no one does glam makeup quite like they do, right? But just how much is Kardashian Beauty's Summer Squad collection going to cost you? You won't believe how affordable it is.

Falling in love with a makeup line but having to choose carefully between products because of the price tag is kind of a buzzkill, but luckily, you won't have that problem with the new Kardashian Beauty line, because it's such a low price point. The Summer Squad collection is here just in time for summer, and will help us all get that dewy, bronzed goddess look the sisters rock so well, with products like highlighters, lip glosses, and two new additions: a matte eyeshadow palette and matte lipsticks.

That all sounds great, but the best part is the cost. None of the items cost more than $10, so buying the entire collection isn't actually all that crazy. And besides, who wants to spend a ton on seasonal makeup, anyway? They totally hooked us up with this collection.

Mirror Matte Lip Color, $9.99,

If you're stoked about the new matte lipsticks, just wait until you see the pretty colors they come in.

Touch Tones Eyeshadow, $9.99,

You'll never run out of combinations with all these gorg colors.

Honey Stick Lip Gloss, $8.99,

If you want something lighter for summer, the lip gloss is perfect.

Highlighter, $9.99,

Keep that glow all summer long.

The line is available now on Kardashian Beauty's website, and will be for sale at Ulta in June.

Images: Kardashian Beauty