The Emotional Stages Of Getting A Full Bikini Wax

No matter what pubic hair-removing background you come from, it shouldn't be difficult to imagine that there are numerous stages of emotions one goes through during the process of getting a full bikini wax for the first time. From the initial spread of hot wax to the final tweeze of a stray hair, I have recently learned that the path to a soft and smooth bikini line is quite unpleasant and uncomfortable. That said, it can definitely be worth it if you're willing to endure (a lot of) pain and (even more) feels.

To be completely honest, I'm not very concerned with my hair down there. I keep it trimmed and clean out of preference, and if a time arises when I know I'm going to be in a bikini or in my underwear, I simply shave the day before.

But with a pool weekend in my near future, and an intense curiosity to learn whether the whole process is even worth it, I decided to book an appointment with my local waxing studio. Looking back, or should I say looking down, I can't say that I regret that decision.

If you're a tenured bikini waxer, these intense emotional states will probably sound familiar. But if you're a rookie like me, then please look forward to learning all about the 15 emotional stages of getting a full bikini wax for the first time. That is, if you still want one after reading.

1. Curiosity

As I mentioned before, I've always been comfortable with my natural pubic hair because, well, it's natural. But I've also wondered how other women my age, with similar (and very hairy) heritages, have kept their bikini lines so smooth.

Combined with my upcoming summer pool and beach plans, as well as my friend's encouragement, I researched waxing studios in the area and came across an authentic Brazilian salon. I set an appointment, and the day arrived quickly.

2. Worry

I thought my anxiety was under control, but then the day of rolled around. All I could do was worry. What if it was too painful? What if I started crying? Should I just skip the appointment altogether and save myself embarrassment and misery?

3. Hopefulness

No, no, and no. I've got to hold my head up high, be confident, and hope that the experience is worth it. It's something I have never done, and it might be really worth it.

I denied all my worries and anxiety, and when I walked into the salon, I was nothing but smiles and excitable jitters. The mural of Christ The Redeemer also helped.

4. Insecurity

Once I was told to get undressed from the waist down, I became very insecure. I knew it was coming, and I knew it had to be done to go through the process. But I was suddenly going through a list of all my old body hang-ups, from my stretch marks to my chaffing thighs to my hairy legs.

I'm on good terms with every part of my body. In that moment, however, I was horrified at the idea that a stranger was going to be inspecting each and every one of my supposed flaws up close.

5. Fear

That insecurity turned into straight-up-fear. But that's natural, right? After all, you don't find yourself lying half naked on a bed with someone about to rip hair off of your sensitive parts that often, do you?

6. Bravery

The only thing that will keep you on that bed once the wax is spread is complete and utter bravery. With the assurance of the kind aesthetician and by using every ounce of courage in my body, I stuck it out. I felt the hot wax spread across my inner thigh, I took a deep breath, and...

7. Agony

AHHH, that was so painful! I'm not going to lie to you: Getting a full bikini wax is incredibly agonizing. I've experienced pain, but never quite like the pain of wax pulling each hair out of its root.

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8. Irritation

The pain was so bad at one point that I wanted to swat the aesthetician's hand away from my privates and just walk out. I was extremely irritated, but I refrained from being rude and focused on my breathing instead.

9. Regret

At that moment, I was really regretting my decision to get a full bikini wax. But I remained hopeful that after all was said and done, I would feel a little differently.

10. Discomfort

The discomfort continued for a few more minutes when I was prompted to lay on my stomach. Did I say this was a full-on, Brazilian bikini wax? That meant more awkward posing, more painful wax pulling, and a lot more very deep breaths.

11. Relief

Until finally, it was all over. To say I was relieved is an understatement.

12. Numbness

Once I actually got back on my feet, I realized that I was numb. It's that numb feeling you get when you've left your face mask on for too long: Stinging, painful, but also oddly refreshing. It was a weird time, but I was glad to be able to put my pants back on.

13. Feeling Amazed

Before I did that, I looked down. It was all gone. Every single hair: gone. I couldn't believe what a little bit of wax could do. Wax, and, well, agonizing pain. Can't forget that!

14. Confidence

I, Melodi Erdogan, got a full bikini wax. After 20 minutes, and what seemed like a lifetime of discomfort, all my hair was far and away. And I had clearly had enough strength and courage to go through with the process. I felt very confident and self-assured. I mean, if I can get a full bikini wax, I can pretty much do anything!

15. Contentedness

By the time I was home that night, waxed and hairless down there, I honestly felt content. Yes, the process was an emotional one, and yes, it was very, very tough to go through with it. But the results were pretty amazing for someone who is very hairy and doesn't often do any pubic hair maintenance.

I initially had doubts about whether or not this emotional experience would be worth it, but I don't regret a thing. I can't say I'll be at the waxing salon every other month, but I can say it's a foolproof and effective means of hair removal.

With all that said, I'm crossing my fingers that the full Brazilian process gets less emotional with every wax.

Images: Melodi Erdogan