Here's When Too Faced Sweet Peach Is Coming Back

A few weeks back, Too Faced's fabulous co-founder Jerrod Blandino revealed exactly why the brand's beloved and best-selling Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette remains sold out. The secret? The high-quality product takes months to manufacture. It's not as simple as the brand dialing up the factory, requesting more, and voila! He also admitted the company did not anticipate this fevered of a reaction to the palette. Blandino once again took to his personal Instagram to share even further details about when fans can expect the next restock of this ever-popular, sweet-smelling palette. He is nothing if not available, accessible, and communicative via social media channels. So, when can you buy the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow palette again?

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, $49, Sephora

You are going to have to wait a bit, makeup addicts and Too Facers. The $49, 18-pan palette, which is still unavailable on the Too Faced site, won't be restocking until approximately the holiday season. As in around Christmas. However, in order to get the product available for the holiday shopping season, the brand would likely need to replenish supply by mid-to-late fall.

Blandino's post was rather apologetic re: the lack of stock. It was also pretty informative. His goal is customer satisfaction and fabulous, color-drenched eyes, courtesy of the palette's juicy and complimentary shades.

This is one of the most important points in Blandino's post: "The Sweet Peach formula is incredibly difficult, complicated, and delicate to produce, that's why we all love it so much." There it is. It's a quality product and it cannot be rushed. Too Faced won't cut corners in order to push more product to market if it's not primo.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, $49, Sephora

Now, about that holiday season promise? Here's exactly what Blandino shared: "I'm super excited to say that everyone in the USA will have the chance to have a Sweet Peach wrapped and ready under their Christmas trees at the absolute latest! Could be sooner?"

If it's going to be restocked in time for Christmas, expect a new supply to land around October or November so that shoppers have time to make the purchase.

Customer reaction was mixed. While some fans were understanding of the manufacturing conundrum, others are miffed, since it's "a summer palette." Sure, peaches are a summer fruit, but the eyeshadow shades are season-less, timeless, and wearable whenever you want! They are not bound by such constraints. Another hoped for a status change from limited edition to permanent edition.

Yes, there will be plenty of holiday palettes come fall and winter. I still think Sweet Peach can hold its own against the shiny, new offerings.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Eyeshadow Collection, $36, Too Faced

ICYMI: Too Faced's also-coveted, one time limited edition PB&J palette is now a permanent addition to its offerings.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (1); Courtesy Too Faced (3)