9 Before-Bed Tricks For Volumized Morning Hair

For me, thin hair is both a blessing and a curse. When I'm not waking up with more hair volume, it means I can dry and style it in less than 15 minutes every morning. However, it also means that by day two, it’s looking particularly limp and bodiless. So, is there a way to get more hair volume overnight, so you can wake up with bouncier locks by morning?

You bet there is. Waking up to thicker hair overnight just takes a few tools, some knowledge about healthy, thickening ingredients, and the incorporation of a few haircare habits into your nightly before-bed hair routine.That routine most often starts with a shower. While I’m a definite morning shower-taker, there’s a lot of talk about the benefits of night showers, too. Not only does washing in the PM help with dry skin, better sleep habits, and keeping your bed extra-clean, but you’ve got more time in the morning to actually sit down for that cup of coffee (because you did all your grooming the night before).

If these things sound pretty solid to you, don’t let the fear of flat, limp hair get in the way. Just utilize these helpful tips and tricks at night to get high-volume hair by morning, even after eight hours against a pillow.

Use A Styling Mist That Holds Overnight Without Crunching Or Stickiness

Giovanni Organic Styling Mist , $9, Amazon

It’s hard enough to find a spray that holds up against your pillow overnight, but finding one that’s extra strong without any crunching, sticking, or flaking is even more challenging. This organic styling mist makes a wonderful night-before hair spray because it contains mostly natural ingredients like rosemary, nettle, thyme, lavender, and birch to create a strong, dependable, and volumizing hold. However, it won’t crunch up, separate, or tangle like other brands, and because it comes in a non-aerosol spray bottle, it’s easy to get a light and even hold, so you can just get up and go.

Clean Hair With Baking Soda To Pump Up Volume

Color Proof Clear It Up Detox Shampoo , $21, Amazon

Baking soda not only balances the pH of your scalp to keep it from getting greasy, but it adds shine, neutralizes odor, and creates more body and volume. This detox shampoo formula is especially great for those before-bed showers when you want to preserve your volume for the next day. It detoxes and cleanses hair with baking soda and vitamins (but without the sulfates), and because it’s wonderful at removing any excess build-up, oil, or product residue, hair will look full-bodied and silky smooth when it dries.

Thicken And Heal Hair With Argan Oil

100% Pure & Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil , $17, Amazon

Argan oil is one of the best tricks when it comes to making sure your hair is smooth and full of volume, and that’s because it permeates the strands, heals hair with vitamins and antioxidants, tames split ends, and promotes growth and body. This organic Moroccan argan oil is some of the best stuff out there because it’s USDA-certified organic and minimally processed to preserve all the oil’s natural nourishment. It has one ingredient and one ingredient only — pure Moroccan argan oil — which makes a great before-bed hair mask that heals and hydrates while you sleep. It’s also entirely non-greasy and comes in an amber glass bottle with a pump applicator, so getting soft and manageable hair overnight becomes the easiest thing ever.

Reverse Damage From Heat Styling And Your Scratchy Pillowcase

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Cream , $6, Amazon

If you’re a before-bed styler, the combination of hot tools and your pillowcase might leave your hair looking limp, full of static, and dry by morning. This organic root stimulator is infused with olive and coconut oil to keep hair looking silky and thick after undergoing quite a bit of damage. You can use it as a heat protectant while drying, or spread a little into your hair before bed to stimulate growth and pump up the volume for your morning style. One reviewer even said, “I am, quite literally, NEVER without this.”

Get Through The Night Oil-Free With Organic Dry Shampoo

Hair Dance Natural & Organic Dry Shampoo Powder , $12, Amazon

For hair that’s oily or thin (especially come morning) try keeping things clean and volumized with a little bit of this organic hair powder before bed. Not only does it contain great healthy ingredients like rice starch, organic oatmeal, lavender, and olive leaf to keep hair looking and smelling freshly-washed, but it adds body and volume all without leaving a colorful residue or chalky texture. With its easy-to-use applicator and long-lasting effect, people can’t say enough good things about this dry shampoo.

Add Tons Of Volume By Styling With A Diffuser

Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser , $14, Amazon

A hair diffuser is a great way to get beachy, natural-looking waves that have tons of volume, and that’s because it dries hair from the roots up, keeping them curled and scrunched while it does so. This Black Orchid hair diffuser is a number one best-seller because it fits any six-inch blow dryer, has 360 degree air flow, disperses the air evenly to avoid heat damage, and has a huge diameter to dry more hair at once. Just twist it, push it in, and dry your way to volumized curls that’ll hold up overnight.

Nourish And Add Body With Unrefined Shea Butter

Sky Organics Organic Shea Butter, $13, Amazon

Shea butter makes for a great hair mask (especially for extra-curly hair) because it has loads of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, as well as qualities that protect and strengthen your strands. To turn hair from dull and lifeless to silky and manageable, there’s Sky Organics shea butter. It contains 100 percent unrefined shea butter (which contains all of the healing properties that refined shea butter does not), all without the chemicals, preservatives, parabens, and additives that would otherwise be drying hair out. Reviewers love the thick, creamy texture and healing qualities, and they're using it on everything from their curls to their skin.

Create Body From The Roots

Giovanni Root Lifting Spray , $6, Amazon

For something that’s low in toxins but high in volume, this Giovanni root lifting spray is a great option. It lifts hair off the scalp to create controllable body, using ingredients like rose hip, rosemary, and wild bergamot. The nozzle is specifically created to deliver hold straight to the roots, but to pump up the volume even more, you can apply the lifting spray before you style with a blow-dryer. Reviewers say it makes thin hair appear thicker, even if used the night before, and that’s why some are referring to this as the “best hair root booster ever.”

Lift Roots By Sleeping With Your Hair In A Bun

French Twist Holder Magic Roll Clip , $3, Amazon

Sleeping with wet hair in a bun lifts strands off the scalp, so your roots will appear more volumized when you take it out in the morning. This roll clip keeps hair secured in a bun on top of your head, creating loose waves while you sleep, but because it has a silky-smooth finish that clasps easily, it won’t crease or damage hair during the night. It’s ideal for thick hair, has a soft padding inside that won’t bother you while you sleep, and it can also be used during the day to create an elegant bun.

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