7 Kits To Tint Your Eyebrows At Home

Eyebrow tinting is big right now, and even though the cost of having it done professionally is relatively low, it still requires a time commitment and regular appointments. Since we don't always have time for that kind of maintenance, I've rounded up some of the best at-home eyebrow tint kits so you can keep your brows maintained without having to worry about booking an appointment and taking an hour out of your day every four to six weeks.

If you dye your hair a shade different than your natural hue, you naturally have really light brows, or you just want to have the boldest brows possible, then you may have already discovered eyebrow tinting. And if that's the case, then you've probably discovered what a pain it is to have to keep them up. Eyebrow tinting starts to fade anywhere from four to six weeks, which is basically having to get in to get them done once a month. And seriously, who has time for that?

Whether you want to totally DIY your brows, or are just looking for something to help you go a little longer between appointments, there are several at-home brow tint kits that'll keep your brows totally on fleek, no appointment required.

1. Wunderbrow

Wunderbrow Semi Permanent Eyebrows, $21, Amazon

This one-step product will give you color and shape in under two minutes, and it'll last for several days.

2. Eylure

Eylure Permanent Brow Tint, $23, Amazon

Want color to last as long as possible? This kit will keep them bold for up to six weeks.

3. Roux

Lash & Brow Tint, $40, RouxBeauty

Tint your lashes and brows with one kit!

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4. Measurable Difference

Measurable Difference Brow Amplifying Tint & Lift, $9-10, Amazon

You don't have to spend a lot on a brow tint kit — this drugstore brand will provide lasting color as well as fuller brows.

5. 28 Day Color

28 Day Color Eyebrow Gel Colorant, $37, Amazon

This product will last you four weeks, which is the same time frame as the salon.

6. Paula's Choice

Brow Tint, $12, Derm Store

Shape, define, and tint your brows with this multi-use product.

7. Godefroy

Godefroy Eyebrow Tint Kit, $16, Amazon

This easy-to-use kit will last you 20 applications.

The best part about these at-home tint kits? If you mess up, you can remove it and start over again. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully! Otherwise, happy eyebrow tinting!

Images: Wunderbrow; Amazon; Sally Beauty; Paula's Choice; Jet; ASOS; Drugstore