These Shake Shack Pins Are Good Enough To Eat

If you've ever wanted to wear your love for Shake Shack on your sleeve, or perhaps on your collar or your handbag, then be prepared to squeal with delight once you see what's in the PINTRILL x Shake Shack collaboration. That's right, your favorite quirky pin brand has teamed up with the hip, NYC-originated burger and shake restaurant to create stylish and cool SS inspired accessories you'll want to pin to anything and everything. So be prepared to seriously covet these delicious and downright adorable designs.

Established in 2014 at the height of pin fashion, PINTRILL is a quirky, cool brand that designs accessory pins inspired by brands, trends, and pop culture to embellish any outfit with a neat and unique touch. From collaborations with brands to exclusive collections with artists, it's hard to complete a browse on the website without falling in love with the brand's amazing products. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, it was only a matter of time before PINTRILL collaborated with Shake Shack to create amazing pins burger and style fans will crave.

The collection consists of four pins with designs reminiscent of the logos you'll see at a Shake Shack restaurant. Even if you've never been to a Shake Shack (what are you waiting for exactly?) you can appreciate the fun, simple designs along with the fact that they can be pinned to your clothing and worn with, well, anything. Can you tell I'm already planning outfits around them?

Once you see them, you will be too!

1. Burger Pin

Shake Shack Burger Pin, $12, PINTRILL

I'll take a Shake Shack burger.

2. Hot Dog

Shake Shack Hot Dog Pin, $12, PINTRILL

And a hot dog because why not.

3. Cone

Shake Shack Cone Pin, $12, PINTRILL

As well as a delicious custard cone.

4. Fries

Shake Shack Fries Pin, $12, PINTRILL

Do I want fries with that? Yes I do!

5. Pin Pack

Shake Shack Pin Pack, $42, PINTRILL

And if you can't decide between them, you can get them all! With the pack, the opportunities for fast food inspired embellishments really are endless.

If you're vying to pin these pins onto your clothes as soon as possible, then order them ASAP! All the products are currently available on the PINTRILL website, but their items do sell out. So don't let the crowd beat you to these appetizing pins.

No matter if you're a foodie or a fashionista, all of the pins are perfect accessories to add a little bit of character and playfulness to any outfit.

So no need to hide your love for Shake Shack any longer. Show your love, and pin away!

Images: Courtesy Brand