This Brand Will Help You Nail That '90s Nude Lip

We all love the '90s lip trend, thanks to Kylie Jenner, who is arguably responsible for single-handedly bringing the brown, nude, and deep burgundy lip looks back into vogue. What's her secret? Before she created her matte Lip Kit empire, Jenner turned to lip pencils to help her achieve this look. If you want to hop on board with the trend, here's the one lip pencil brand you need to know about to nail that coveted '90s lip look.

Way before Kylie Cosmetics and the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit came into our lives, Jenner was enhancing her already enhanced pout by overlining her lips with lip pencils for added volume. She often contoured her lips with a blend of shades, but her favorite go-to, MAC Cosmetics' Spice lip pencil, grew in demand to the point the company was experiencing product shortages. Behold, the power of the pout.

Now, brands have jumped on the bee stung, '90s brown pout trend and released a slew of products that mimic Jenner's infamous lips. At the top of the list is Bodyography, a Southern California-based brand that makes antioxidant lip pencils that feel like lipstick but have the staying power of lip pencils. Their products smooth and fill in the fine lines and wrinkles on your lips, thanks to ingredients like Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. Lip pencils are my favorite tool to work with because they're precise and blending colors together is easy, and this brand's offerings help to do just that.

Below are Bodyography's best pencil shades to help you create a '90s look.

1. Barely There

Bodyography Lip Pencil in Barely There, $13.00,

I love this dusty brown color all over the lips, or focused on the center of your pout to create the illusion of larger pout.

2. Black Currant

Bodyography Lip Pencil in Black Currant, $13.00,

If you want a great alternative for the Kylie Cosmetics Kourt K Lip Kit, here it is!

3. Crimson

Bodyography Lip Pencil in Crimson, $13.00,

Make your iconic red lip last all night long by lining your lips with Crimson first. You can fill it all the way in with pencil for a long wearing matte look.

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4. Heatherberry

Bodyography Lip Pencil in Heatherberry, $13.00,

Heatherberry is probably my favorite shade in the bunch, because it's so versatile. You could layer it under a pink lipstick for a deeper, mauve-y tint or under a darker mauve for a pink hue.

5. Timber

Bodyography Lip Pencil in Timber, $13.00,

Timber is a russet brown, and would make a perfect contour-highlight pair with Barely There. Overline your lips with Timber, and draw lines at the center of your top and bottom lip. Fill in with Barely There and you have a plumper pout in the perfect '90s brown shade.

6. Merlot

Bodyography Lip Pencil in Merlot, $13.00,

Merlot is a burgundy, wine-red that would be a great highlight shade when paired with Black Currant. You could even mix with Crimson for a custom red color.

7. Pink Crush

Bodyography Lip Pencil in Pink Crush, $13.00,

This bright, Barbie doll pink is great for summer and layered under a neon liquid lip.

8. Rosewood

Bodyography Lip Pencil in Rosewood, $13.00,

This shade is not quite purple and not quite brown, so it's a classic '90s shade.

Images: Bodyography