Twitter Is Losing Its Mind Over Kylie's New Kit

Whenever Kylie Jenner launches a new shade of her insanely popular Lit Kits, she basically breaks the Internet, so it's no surprise at all that Twitter reacted to Kylie's Majesty Lip Kit in a crazy way. Excited is the understatement of the century, ladies and gents.

Not only did Kylie Jenner release a new Lip Kit color, but she released a black color (right in the middle of the spring/summer season, like, who does that?!), and then one upped even that by making it a metallic black. So I mean, so much to talk about right there. And even better? This new color was apparently asked for by her fans, proving that the beauty mogul totally listens to our requests. And naturally, Twitter is losing its mind — but who can blame them? The color is so unique, unusual, and needless to say, gorgeous, and this also just opens up the door to a whole new realm of colors we can request. What do you want to see next? Tweet Kylie. She may just give you what you ask for.

So just what are fans saying about the new Majesty shade? Let's just say, satisfied doesn't even begin to describe how they feel about it. Some fans are already impatiently waiting its arrival:

Others are just in awe of its beauty:

And then there are the others that have just plain lost all their chill:

So as you can see — there are no disappointed fans here.

Images: King Kylie/Snapchat