13 Geeky Plus Size Fashion Essentials

If you love to wear your nerdy heart on your sleeve, then you likely know how much fun geeky style can be. For a long time, it was difficult to find great geeky plus size fashion. Shopping for a cute outfit to wear to comic conventions used to frustrate me to no end, and I'd often just end up buying pieces that were several sizes too small and altering them to work for my body. Lately, though, I've been seeing a ton of adorable, stylish geeky offerings in plus sizes, and I have to say, it's about time.

One of the great things about nerd culture is that there are almost infinite flavors of imaginative style to experiment with and enjoy. Whether you prefer to stick with the basics, like a graphic tee and your favorite jeans, or you love to go all out with themed costumes and accessories, there's a community out there full of people who understand and appreciate your unique sensibilities.

From Star Trek to Star Wars, comics to Cthulhu, these geeky styles are sure to please. So, if you've been considering dipping your toe in the waters of nerdy fashion, here are 13 fabulous pieces for plus size fangirls of every persuasion.

1. Villainous Cape Dress

Darth Vader Cape Dress, Sizes 0X - 5X, $68.50, Hot Topic

Embrace your inner villain with a stylish cape dress that would make the Emperor proud. The subtle helmet decal on the shoulder will let everyone know where your true allegiance lies.

2. Mischief Managed Tee

Solemnly Swear Tee, Sizes 00X - 5X, $28.90, Lovesick

What do you wear when you're looking for mischief? How about this super-comfy T-shirt, for any day when you need an extra bit of outfit magic?

3. Marvel Mini

Marvel Skirt, One Size Plus, $30.05, Chupacabrauk

Show off big thighs in a cute mini skirt featuring superheroes from the Marvel comic universe. Who knew great style could be a superpower?

4. Warm & Cozy Fangirl Favorite

Loki Pullover, Sizes XS - 2X, $40, Her Universe

If, like me, you think that Loki was the real hero of the Thor movies, then you'll love this cozy pullover. Show off your fangirl pride with the foil-printed insignia of your favorite Asgaardian bad boy.

5. Major Mathlete Moment

Fresh Take Leggings, Sizes S - 4XL, $24.99, ModCloth

If you're looking for something different than the typical pop culture references, display your nerdy leanings with these mathematical equation leggings. After all, there's no reason your style can't be as brilliant as your mind.

6. Creepy-Cute Print Dress

Dee Dee Dress In Baby Cthulhu Print, Sizes 1X - 4X, $160, Pinup Girl Clothing

If there has ever been a more adorable dress than this vintage-inspired beauty, I haven't seen it. I mean, seriously, baby Cthulhus?! Ancient gods of chaos never looked so appealing.

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7. Off-Duty Agent Lounge Pants

SHIELD Logo Yoga Pants, Sizes 0X - 5X, $44.99, Think Geek

What does a SHIELD agent slip into after a long day of top-secret missions and intrigue? These soft, stylish yoga pants, for starters.

8. Dapper Steampunk Vest

Mad Hatter Military Vest, Sizes 0X - 5X, $58.50, Hot Topic

Love geeky style, but hoping for a more tomboyish look? This military-inspired vest is a dramatic piece with a rough-and-ready edge.

9. Bookworm Babe Circle Skirt

Fun For The Books Skirt, Sizes XS - 4X, $59.99, Modcloth

If your idea of the perfect evening is curling up with a book from your favorite sci-fi or fantasy author and slipping into another world, this bookshelf-print skirt is for you. Create your own fashion story.

10. Great Graphic Tee

Live Long And Prosper V-Neck, Sizes 16 - 34, $34.99, CafePress

When you want to keep it simple, this graphic tee has your back. You'll look positively fascinating.

11. Sassy Superhero Leggings

Deadpool Goodie Leggings, Sizes XS - 2X, $30, Her Universe

Break the fourth wall with these fun and funky Deadpool leggings. But be warned: Side effects may include increased sarcasm and uncontrollable taco cravings.

12. A Madly Macabre Cocktail Dress

Asylum Doctor Dress, Sizes 0X - 5X, $66.99, Hot Topic

If your geeky interests take a darker turn, this glamorously macabre little number will thrill your horror-loving heart. Use it to add a little bad romance to your wardrobe.

13. Magical Mermaid Tee

Ariel Ringer Tee, Sizes 00X - 5X, Lovesick

Express your inner mermaid with a cute oversized top featuring every Disney lover's favorite redhead. Clam-shell bra not included.

Whether you're looking for cozy basics to wear to your next game night, or you need a cute frock for convention after-parties, these geeky plus size pieces have you covered. So go ahead, get a little nerdy.

Images: Courtesy Brands