Rihanna x Dior Sunglasses Are Pricey

It seems like every week brings news of a celebrity collab with a world-famous brand, but the Rihanna x Dior sunglasses collection is one of the most hotly anticipated collaborations I've seen in ages. After all, the singer's Puma line and her collaboration with Manolo Blahnik both drew major attention from fans, and one can only assume that her Dior sunglasses will prove to be just as popular. But if you're on a budget, will you actually be able to afford the sunglasses? How much do Rihanna x Dior sunglasses cost? Turns out, you're going to need to save your pennies to be able to afford the Dior shades from the singer.

WWD reports that the sunglasses will start at $840, but there's also a 24-karat-gold version that will retail for $1,950. It's a little out of a normal gal's budget. The sunglasses come in six colors: silver, pink, blue, green, red and the aforementioned gold pair. The sunglasses are a wraparound, mirrored style, and they're pretty much on par with the price of other Dior sunglasses. The best part? Rihanna has already been photographed wearing them, and they're such a great look. How great do they look in this Insta?

This looks like the blue mirrored pair, and it looks amazing paired with Rihanna's Fenty x Puma clothing, which she's also wearing. The sunglasses will go on sale in early June, and they're going to be available exclusively at Dior stores.

Here's the pink pair from Rihanna's Instagram as well.

These are the pricey 24-karat-gold pair. Aren't they amazing?

Here's a better look at some more of the colors. They're so chic, right? If it was in my budget, I know I'd be standing in line for a pair of these sunglasses in just a few weeks. If you're a huge Rihanna fan, I hope you've been saving up for this collab.