The Too Faced Sketch Marker Liners Are A Rainbow

Oh, Jerrod Blandino, you are such a tease! The Too Faced co-founder loves to offer sneak peeks of his brand's new products months in advance. Back in March, he teased the Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Art eyeliners, which are inspired by calligraphy pens. He just shared another shot of Too Faced's latest makeup innovation for eyes. The markers boast a precision tip and intense pigmentation. How many colors comprise Too Faced's Sketch Marker Liquid Art Eyeliner collection?

Oh, you can taste the rainbow, to borrow a phrase from Skittles! It's truly a rainbow of bright and neutral shades. There are 12 eyeliners in total, ranging from black to brown to white to pink to blue. There's even a yellow liner. You can create so many cool and calligraphy-like cat eyes with these bright babies.

Peep the outer shell of the eyeliners. They are stamped with super cute phrases that are inspired by their colors. Like the emerald liner reads, "Let them be jealous," which is obviously a reference to being green with envy. The marine blue hue reads, "Mermaids don't cry." Too Facers, are you totally OMG'ing over these gorgeous liners, from the shades to the kitschy packaging? OF COURSE YOU ARE!

Observe the Too Faced Sketch Markers. Go ahead and take 'em all in.

In his personal Insta post, Blandino only shared the shades and the packaging of these liners, due out for the fall of 2016. I wish he would have swatched these on the back or inside of his arm, so I could see how the formula interacts with skin.

That said, he did post a video on the brand's official YouTube, offering a better look at the product and that tip. There's also a giveaway component.

Check out the long, thin applicator. That will allow for total control when attempting a perfect cat eye flick. These pens are so TDF. In the video clip, Blandino revealed that the brand utilized Japanese art ink, which is used in modern calligraphy pens, for easy, one-swipe color. The airtight cap will keep the product fresh and clean, and prevent the dreaded dry out.

The pigment of the Sketch Art liners is opaque and rich. There is a glossy black and a matte black version, too. Ooh!

Watch the full video below and start counting the days until these liners arrive.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (1); YouTube (2)