What Does Hailey Baldwin’s New Tattoo Mean?

This girl’s got a thing for matching tattoos. And I mean, who could blame her? Getting a little symbol together creates a special bond with your bestie, after all. What does Hailey Baldwin’s new tattoo mean? This cute little tat is significant in more ways than one.

Baldwin and her friend, Mary Mckinney, got the word “gente” in cursive letters tattooed on their sides, according to Teen Vogue. Baldwin got hers placed on her lower hip while Mckinney got hers a little higher up near the rib cage. This definitely isn’t the first micro (or matching) tattoo that Baldwin’s got, but this one certainly does seem to have a special meaning.

Tattoo artist Jon Boy posted the picture of the two posing side by side and placed Brazilian flags in the caption. This could represent Baldwin’s Brazilian heritage. “Gente” translates to people in Portuguese, according to Teen Vogue, so clearly her BFF is one of her “people.” So much so, they decided to get matching ink. Cute! These are the new friendship bracelets, after all.

Check out her latest inking along with a few other times she’s gotten the most adorable tiny symbols drawn on her body. This isn’t the first time, and it probably won’t be the last. Who could pass up self-expression that’s this cute, you know?

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