9 Of The Most Delicious Lip Glosses Ever

When I was in elementary school, there was a kid who would always steal the delicious lip glosses and balms from my desk and then eat them. I wonder what that kid is doing now. I wonder how his life is turning out. I wonder if he still eats cosmetics, or if it was just a weird and temporary phase of his life.

Looking back, I can't really be mad at the guy. Flavored lip glosses are just kind of asking to be eaten, aren't they? And 9-year-old me would never have known that they are actually meant for, well, kissing.

When researching this list, I was half surprised and half ecstatic to learn that tasty lip glosses are still a thing. They were honestly integral to life in the early 2000s, but entirely lost their space on the lip makeup hierarchy, falling to a desolate lowly place where they definitely didn't belong.

Thankfully, more brands than Lip Smackers have now realized that flavored lip glosses were a trend just waiting to regain the spotlight. After witnessing Kylie Jenner revive the lipgloss look, it seems only natural that delicious-tasting glosses would be back in our makeup bags before we knew it. So get ahead of the trend and pick your favorite flavor now.

1. Lily Lolo

Natural Lip Gloss in Scandalips, $12, Amazon

Made with organic jojoba and full of Vitamin E, this lipgloss will protect your pout while also promising a chocolatey taste. That is all I really require from a lipgloss, TBH.

2. Lancôme

Lancôme Juicy Tubes, $25, Amazon

Promising sorbet shades with accompanying sweet flavors, these Juicy Tubes are just as tasty as they sound.

3. Victoria's Secret

Beauty Rush Minty Shine Lip Gloss, $10, Amazon

You may think Victoria is all about underwear, but her minty kisses leave people wanting more, too.

4. Philosophy

Raspberry Sorbet Flavoured Lip Shine, $11, Amazon

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Philosophy products — not just because the brand's product names symbolize food, but because certain products included a recipe for how to make said food. Now I love the lip shines because they always smell delicious and, in this case, taste delicious as well.

5. Fresh

Sugar Honey Shine Lip Treatment, $40, Amazon

With a line of lip products made primarily from actual sugar, there was no way these glosses were not going to taste good.

6. Lip Smacker

Berry Pomegranate Squeezy, $4, Lipsmacker

What is a flavored lip product list without an homage to Lip Smacker, am I right?

7. Stila

Stila Lip Glaze in Strawberry, $26, Amazon

I always wondered why my mom was so obsessed with these lip glazes and now I know why: Because they taste amazing.

8. Laura Geller

Lip Pops Waterproof Lip Gloss in Milano Mauve, $17, Laurageller

Strawberry-tasting without a strawberry color makes this one perfect for anyone who's more into neutral toned lips.

9. The Body Shop

Watermelon Lip Gloss, $5, Thebodyshop

If this lip gloss tastes as good as The Body Shop products smell, then you're definitely onto a winner.

Hopefully by now you've converted to the flavored lipgloss way of life — even if you're just purchasing it for eating. I'm not here to judge. With so many different chocolatey, fruity, and minty flavors out there, there's bound to be one that appeals to you and your pout.

Images: freshbeauty/Instagram; Courtesy Brands