Photos Of Harry Styles' New Hair Have Arrived

After an agonizing couple of weeks, we've finally got photos of Harry Styles' new haircut, according to The Daily Mail, and it's even better than what you were imagining. Trust me, when you see these photos, you're going to feel all the things.

Being a Harry Styles fan goes hand-in-hand with being a long hair fan. I mean, we all know that as the years went by, his hair just kept getting longer. And longer. Also, longer. And no matter what non-fans said about it, you loved it. It was beautiful, perfect, and the thought of Harry without his long hair was like peanut butter without jelly. It's just wrong. But then the day came when he cut it all off, and worse — didn't post any pictures of it. The anxiety we all faced was so real.

While we got a sneak peak thanks to some seriously grainy and blurry photos, it wasn't clear enough to tell what the cut actually looked like. And plus, he had a hat on, so that just doesn't count. But the day has arrived, ladies and gents. Styles' new hair has been revealed, thanks to some paparazzi shots on the set of his new WWII film, and this new hair is going to change everything you thought you felt about his long hair. So without further ado...

Just take a moment to recover there. It's so short, but you love it so much — what is happening?!

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He looks so mature and sophisticated, and I'm completely digging the '40s vibes.

It's literal perfection, and if he keeps this cut around after the movie is done filming, I will not be mad about it. Here's to shedding his old, One Direction image and entering a new era: Harry Styles, the movie star. I am so down.