The Most Comfortable Jeans For Summer

We all deserve to feel comfy and look good, especially when the heat rises in the hot summer months. Instead of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin this year, why not find a pair of perfect summer jeans? You want jeans that will help you focus on your summer vacation and adventures, instead of your eternal wedgie.

Once upon a time in the early ‘00s, we would purposefully rock low-rise jeans all year round. From my experience wearing low-rise jeans, I’d be constantly hiking them up, yet simultaneously pulling the seat of the pants from the confines of my butt-crack. It was like a strange, vicious game that you could never win. After this came the emo subculture, which – if you were a part of the movement – meant that you’d wear the skinniest of jeans to fit in. Back then, jeggings weren’t mainstream, so skinny jeans were usually crafted out of the same stiff denim that regular jeans were made of. This did not make for a comfortable pair of pants, but it was all about achieving the perfect emo aesthetic, so we didn’t let it bother us too much. However, there was no better feeling than laboriously peeling your stiff skinnies off at the end of the day – the pleasure even surpassed removing your bra!

So here are some contemporary jeans styles to rock this summer, to help you stay cool, wedgie-less, and keep your blood circulation flowing.

1. The Sailor Style

Sailorette The Seas Jeans In Dark Wash, $69.99,

Sailor style rules the seven seas during summer, so pick up a pair of easy, breezy sailor pants.

2. The Jeggings

Asos Rivington Denim High Waist Jeggings In Off White, $36,

The key to finding the perfect pair of jeggings for summer is to look out for a super stretchy fabric. Jeggings that feel more like leggings than jeans are essential when it comes to comfort. You'll want them to feel like a second skin that you can move around freely in.

3. The Mid-Length Jeans Shorts

Torrid Mid Shorts – Medium Wash With Destruction, $31.87,

Granted these are more like shorts than jeans, but your summer would not be complete without a pair of mid-length jeans shorts that'll become your BFF on any outdoor excursions you have planned.

4. The Girlfriend Jeans

Glamorous Tall Embroidered Girlfriend Jean, $64,

Girlfriend jeans know the mystery of the female form, so they know where to hug and where to hang loose – meaning they'll likely be super comfy.

5. The Cropped Skinnies

Torrid Cropped Skinny Jeans – Acid Wash, $40.87,

Apply the same rule to cropped skinny jeans as you did to jeggings and you'll be lounging in comfort this summer!

6. The Boyfriend Jeans

Moto Patch Knee Boyfriend Jeans, $85,

Boyfriend jeans are the slouchy, oversized denim trews of your dreams.

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7. The Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

Torrid Cropped Boyfriend Jeans – Light Wash With Destruction, $40.87,

What could be more suitable for summer than a pair of boyfriend jeans? Some cropped boyfriend jeans of course!

8. The Loose Fitting Mom Jeans

Moto Summer Stripe Mom Jeans, $75,

Moms of the '90s knew their stuff – pushing strollers around and taking their kids to the park was made so much more pleasant in a pair of relaxed mom jeans.

9. The Bermuda Jeggings

Torrid Jegging Bermuda Shorts – Olive Wash, $33.37,

I'd love to meet the person who thought up Bermuda jeggings. What a total legend they must be!

10. The Denim Culottes

Asos Denim Soft Culotte, $49,

Is it a pair of pants? Is it a skirt? No it's denim culottes, here to rescue you from the summer sweats.

11. The '70s Flares

Torrid Flared Jeans – Light Wash (Short,) $48.37,

Pair your flares with a crotchet bra or a bell-sleeved top for a 1970s inspired ensemble.

Don't become hot and bothered in your stiff jeans this summer, pick a pair from this collection and you're sure to be one cool cat!

Images: Courtesy Brands