How To DIY A Shattered Glass Mani

It's been awhile since we got an excellent new nail art trend, which the main reason the shattered glass manicure is so exciting. Well, that and the fact that this grown up version of a glitter nails is ridiculously easy to do all by yourself while sitting at home having a Netflix binge. Seriously: All it takes is some nail polish, cellophane, and a pair of scissors to pull off.

Just like most of the best beauty trends we've seen lately, shattered (or broken) glass nails started in South Korea. More specifically, Refinery29 reported that the look was created by Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul. As the name suggests, this holographic manicure is meant to mimic the look of a shattered mirror, though Park was inspired by sea creatures with mother-of-pearl shells for the pretty color.

Park did create a set of nail stickers you could buy to recreate the look at home, but they've (not surprisingly) sold out. So, I called up Elissa Schell, an NYC-based nail artist who's also a fan of the shattered glass effect, to show us how to create the look with stuff you can find at pretty much any beauty and art supply store. Check out the video step by step below, and be sure to subscribe to Bustle on YouTube for more tutorials!