This Sports Bra Can Be Worn 8 Different Ways

With the onset of warm weather, you’re going to be spending more time outdoors than ever, and you’re going to need a bra that’s made to go with you, wherever you go. This sports bra can be worn eight different ways and is meant to keep you comfortable and dry all throughout the day. It’ll take you effortlessly from the office the gym or be the perfect partner for your outdoor sweat sesh.

This bra is stylish enough to be worn whether you’re working out or no, and it's made to combat all of the issues a normal bra might bring. The Evolution Bra is made of fabric designed to minimize odors and moisture, according to a press release, so it's perfect for summer. You probably wouldn’t wear a typical sports braw to the gym and then to work, now would you? This one, on the other hand, can go with you anywhere. It's that functional! Comfy and convenient? I like the sound of that!

Each design is reversible and comes with two different sets of straps, so you’re able to mix and match this bra eight different ways. Choose from color combos like black and beige or have some fun with graphic prints.

With eight different ways to wear this and sizes ranging from 32A to 40DDD/E and 42DD, you're likely to find a style and fit that suits you.

Evolution Bra in Black & Beige, $55, Knix Wear

The black and beige color combo is the way to go for a minimalistic look.

Evolution Bra Graphic Print & Beige, $55, Knix Wear

You can also have some fun with prints in this collection. But, if you're looking for a more subtle look, you can also just reverse this bra. The other side's a neutral beige hue. Genius!

Padded Evolution Bra in Graphic Lace & Black, $55, Knix Wear

There's also a couple of different padded bra options in case you like a little bit of added protection along with a bonus push-up effect.

Shop these styles and more for a bra you might not ever want to take off at Knix Wear. Here's to comfy, cool summer!

Images: Courtesy Knix Wear (5)