What Time Does Jaclyn Hill's Collection Go On Sale

Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Glow Collection has made the Internet lose its mind, and honestly, one look, and it's easy to see why. With highlighters, blushes, and an eyeshadow palette, it's everything anyone — especially a Hillster — could want. So what time does Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop Collection go on sale? The big reveal has been made, and thanks to Hill's Snapchat, we now know at exactly what time the Champagne Pop Collection will launch so set your alarms, cosmetics junkies!

Hill originally teased her new highlighter — Prosecco Pop — during a makeup tutorial on her YouTube channel, but she had yet to announce that it was a new collaboration with BECCA. When she did, her fans and Twitter went bananas. Come to find out, though, the stunning golden-hued highlight is not the only addition to the family. Instead, Hill teamed up with BECCA to bring the world and her fans not just a new highlight — which was already exciting — but an entire collection!

The Champagne Glow Collection features Hill's newest highlight as well as three gorgeous new blushes, a liquid highlight, and a stunning palette of eyeshadows. Basically, nearly your entire face can be Jaclyn Hill approved, and who doesn't want that? Answer: no one.

On Wednesday, Hill took to her Snapchat to announce what time the Champagne Glow Collection will release. While fans knew that the products were releasing on Thursday, May 26, what we didn't know was the time.

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The collection will launch at 12:00 PM EST on May 26, so West Coasters will definitely need to make some time in their morning in order to snag part of the gorgeous BECCA x Jaclyn Hill collection. There's little doubt that products will sell it. It's more of a question of when than of it. After all, the limited, early release of the collection sold out in only a few hours.

Now that you know what time the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Collection, it's time to set your alarms. Just try to be humble if you're one of the lucky ones who snag a piece of the product pie.

Images: Becca Cosmetics/Instagram