This Is How Jaclyn Hill Wears Her Palette

There's no question that Jaclyn Hill has impeccable taste. After all, she did hit over three million subscribers on YouTube, and that's got to mean something, right? If you're excited about her new collection, but are wondering how Jaclyn Hill wears her Champagne Collection Face Palette, you're in luck. The creator herself just went on social media to share her favorite way to mix and wear her highlighters.

On Wednesday, Hill took to Snapchat to show her fans how she's currently wearing the Champagne Collection Face Palette, and obviously it was a gorgeous tip. No one would expect anything less than amazing from Hill, and she certainly didn't disappoint with this combination. Being a whiz with makeup is kind of her gig, after all.

Here's the secret: Instead of choosing just one product, Hill uses two. In the short video she said, "I am obsessed, so I mix Rose Spritz and Champagne Pop." Amazing, right? Who would've thought. Rose Spritz is that coral pink, luminous blush at the top right of her palette. Champagne Pop is, of course, her signature, and most popular product — a glowy, golden highlighter that'll make any part of your face illuminate. You can obviously wear each alone and look amazing, but knowing that Hill wears her palette like this is such good insider info.

Hill's Champagne Collection Face Palette may be the most well-known product from Hill at the moment, but it's definitely not the only one. The palette is actually a member of a totally killer Jaclyn Hill x BECCA family.

The Champagne Glow Collection features liquid, cream, and powder highlights, three blushes, and an eye shadow palette. The collection basically means you can have an entirely Jaclyn Hill-approved face.

Personally, Rose Spritz is my favorite blush color from the palette. Hill swatched the color onto her hand in the video, and it's easy to see the gorgeous color payoff.

Next, Hill took her original highlight, Champagne Pop, and added it on top of Rose Spritz. The result was a stunning pearlescent pink that was beyond beautiful.

Basically, Jaclyn Hill's favorite way to wear the Champagne Collection Face Palette is soon to be everyone's favorite method. The gorgeous shimmering pink is a perfect combination, and those who are lucky enough to purchase parts of the Champagne Glow Collection will be trying it out.

Images: Jaclyn Hill/Snapchat (2); Jaclyn Hill/Instagram (1)