Choose This Setting When You Wash Your Jeans

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We've all been there. You buy a new pair of jeans and after wearing them almost every single day for a month (or two), you realize it might be time to throw them in the wash. There's a difference between distressed and dirty, people. When that time comes, you've probably asked yourself what setting you should use to wash your jeans and keep them looking their best.

Washing your jeans in cold water on the gentle cycle will be the best way to keep them looking brand new. Plenty of people have plenty of opinions on the proper way to wash denim — never wash them, wash them inside out, wash them after every wear, etc. — but everyone seems to agree on using cold water to keep your jeans as good as new.

As for other ways to keep your denim looking fresh, experts recommend washing your jeans every four or five wears to help preserve the color. And while it's not necessary, Mary Bruno, the head of design for J. Brand Jeans, said that turning your jeans inside out when you wash them will only hedge your bet. If you're really concerned about your denim fading, take Good Housekeeping's recommendation and buy a dark color specific detergent like Woolite Darks.

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If you're concerned about shrinking your denim, don't use high heat in the dryer. Instead of drying them in the dryer, considering hanging them to dry instead. However, that takes a while, and sometimes the jeans feel stiff. The Huffington Post suggests drying your jeans for a few minutes on low to medium heat, and then let them air dry. This will also help keep your jeans in tip top shape!

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If you do end up ruining your jeans somehow, don't panic — there are lots of ways to save your new (or old) pair of jeans. If the color seems to light, Prime Magazine suggests reviving them by dying them a bucket. Did they shrink? Make the perfect cutoffs for summer, a la POPSUGAR. If all else fails, you can always donate it.

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