Jaclyn Hill Has A New Favorite Champagne Product

On Thursday, Jaclyn Hill x BECCA's Champagne Glow Collection will launch on Sephora's website. The Internet has been in an uproar about the launch, and Hill has even taken to her Snapchat to showcase her favorite way to wear the products. Jaclyn Hill's favorite Champagne Glow Collection product is a bit more surprising, however. While the Champagne Collection Face Palette has been getting tons of attention online, it's not the product that Hill is the most excited for. That honor goes to a different member of the Champagne Glow family: the Champagne Pop liquid highlight.

Hill x BECCA's Champagne Glow Collection isn't just an overnight sensation. For those not familiar, Hill began collaborating with BECCA over a year ago when they launched the insanely popular Champagne Pop. The gorgeous peachy-gold shimmer was so popular that it became a permanent member of BECCA's collection, and with a product that popular, why not expand upon it?

The BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Collection does feature Champagne Pop, but the OG Jaclyn Hill highlight has a cousin now in the golden Prosecco Pop. While at first everyone thought Hill's sly announcement was just the addition of Prosecco Pop, it turns out that BECCA asked her to expand into an entire collection featuring eyeshadows, blush, a cream highlight, and Hill's favorite Champagne Glow Collection product: the Champagne Pop Liquid Highlight.

On Wednesday, the eve of the Champagne Glow Collection launch, Hill took to her Snapchat to showcase every gorgeous piece of the collection, and she revealed that the Champagne Pop liquid is actually her favorite product and the product she believes may be the most underrated.

During the Snapchat showcase, Hill described the Champagne Pop liquid as, "Personally what I think I might be most excited about."

That's how it looks in its bottle. And here's how it looks in the natural light:

And this is how it looks blended into her skin:

Soooooo pretty, right?

Considering that Hill is clearly in love with the entire line — along with everyone else — that's crazy high praise.

The praise didn't stop there, though. Hill went on to further explain why the liquid highlight is her favorite product. She says, "To be able to see a color that I created in this amazing formula has just been so surreal for me." She even goes so far as to say, "This is the most versatile product in the entire collection, hands down."

So, while we have all been lusting after the Champagne Collection Face Palette, we've all been sleeping on Jaclyn Hill's favorite product from the Champagne Glow Collection. While you may have been planning on purchasing the face or eyeshadow palette tomorrow, it seems as though you should reevaluate.

Images: Jaclyn Hill/Snapchat