Twitter Reacts To ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

When the bonafide master of brilliant brows announced the launch of its very first eyeshadow palette, people practically lost their minds. Makeup mavens thought they would have to wait until summer to snag Anastasia Beverly Hills' new Modern Renaissance Palette, but the brand pulled a fast one on us, launching it on the site just a day after announcing it on Instagram. Needless to say — FANS. WENT. WILD, taking to Twitter to express their excitement about the surprise launch.

I can totally understand the mass hysteria for the first-ever permanent eye palette, as it is drop dead gorgeous both inside and out. Comprised of 14 warm shades, it features both matte colors (11 to be exact), as well as shimmery formulas, all inspired by colors found in Renaissance art. With pigments like Antique Bronze and Burnt Orange to Golden Ochre and Venetian Red, it is quite easy to see the connection to the timeless era. Trust me when I say this will be your next beauty obsession, and at $42 for 14 shades, it's practically a steal.

If you haven't gotten around to purchasing it yet, I suggest you act fast, because this palette is definitely high in demand and is bound to fly off the virtual shelves.

Modern Renaissance Palette, $42,

The following Twitter reactions perfectly capture the madness and excitement that has spread throughout fans all over.

They love to play tricks on us, don't they?

Major score.

Staying up all night to ensure you snag the palette is a totally legitimate thing to do.

Casually dropping a bomb this big is cruel and exciting at the same time.

We simply weren't ready!

The struggle is real.

Now that's what I call dedication.

Image: Anastasia Beverly Hills