Twitter Is Going Nuts Over BECCA X Jaclyn Hill

The day everyone’s been waiting for has finally come! So yes, that means that the Champagne Collection went on sale. What else would I possibly be referring to? See the 15 best Twitter reactions to purchasing the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection because people are freaking out over these products and their incredible shine factor.

The struggle of waiting for the chance to shop these highlighters and more has been really real. The brand and Hill have been teasing these beauties since well before the launch date, and it’s pretty safe to say that everyone’s been more than hyped to slather themselves in champagne goodness. With three different highlighter formulas, eye shadows and an entire face palette — there’s a lot to love within this collection. And it’s definitely worth going crazy for!

From waking up early to counting down the minutes on the clock, people have been obsessing over the product launch all morning. With the possibility of these items selling out extremely quickly, who could blame them, you know? See the best reactions to the stressful, but rewarding process of shopping the latest Jaclyn Hill X BECCA collab that prove people will stop at nothing to get their hands on this makeup!

Who's ready to get their glow on?

1. Impatiently Waiting

When will it be here?!

2. Watching The Clock

Can time pass any quicker?

3. Broke, But Glowing

Who needs money, anyways?

4. Order Confirmation

Ahh, it's the best feeling when your order goes through.

5. Stressing

But, the longer you have to wait for an order confirmation, the more you stress!

6. Overslept

No time for sleeping! Too much glowing to be done.

7. Early Shopper

If you were lucky enough to snag this a few minutes early, you were likely freaking out!

8. Woke Up Like This

Isn't this the best thing to wake up to? It's probably even better than coffee. There. I said it.

9. So Excited

You'll probably be shimmying until your package arrives.

10. Celebrate

This calls for a celebration.

11. The Best Feeling

Knowing that you'll finally get to know what this feels like is incredible.

12. Squeals

The excitement is too real.

13. Shocked

When you can't believe you actually got it.

14. No Money

And for those of you who couldn't get it, I'm truly sorry for your loss.

15. Champagne Flowing

Once you've placed your order, pop the champagne!

No matter what you had to go through to get these products, it was more than worth it! Enjoy your shine that just won't stop. Not much longer to wait until you can bathe yourself in a champagne highlight!

Image: beccacosmetics/Instagram (1)