Where To Buy ABH's Modern Renaissance Palette

With dark colors, a range of unique shades, and adorable packaging (it really does make a difference) the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette is a must-have. If you know this, then you have probably already ordered the palette online via the ABH website. But if you're waiting to swatch it in person, then you may be curious to know: where can you buy the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette? It shouldn't be long before you can fall in love with this collection of shadows in stores.

Bustle has reached out about if and when the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette might be coming to stores. ABH retailers include Macy's, Sephora, and Ulta, so I would imagine you might be able to find it in some of those those places eventually. ABH's President Claudia Soare did reveal on her Instagram that the palette will available at retailers following the initial sale on the brand's site.

Things are a little vague since an official date and list of retailers hasn't been confirmed, but according to Soare (@norviva on Instagram), the beautiful palette should be available in stores at ABH retailers before we know it. So be prepared to throw on your running shoes once the palette does drop, because you'll want to be in a jiffy to cop this palette and call it yours.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette, $42, Sephora

According to ABH's introductory post about the palette, it's "a modern take on a classic" that was inspired by "Renaissance art, particularly the paints and resins used at that time. From the stunning lavender shade Buon Fresco, to the deep, crimson Venetian Red, the shades are totally unique, uber-versatile, and absolutely stunning.

Eleven of the 14 brand new eyeshadow shades are matte, but there are also three satin metallic shades as well, so there's a lot to play around with. Plus, you know these shadows are going to be velvety smooth, long-wearing, and super-pigmented, just like other ABH products.

Priced at $42, the palette may initially seem expensive but considering how unique and wearable all the shades are, every cent will be worth it. Plus, wouldn't that bubble gum pink palette look amazing on your vanity?

If you really can't be patient, feel free to order it from ABH's web store ASAP.

Images: anastasiabeverlyhills/Instagram