Jenn Im X ColourPop Is Breaking The Internet

You want to talk about breaking the Internet? Because the latest ColourPop collab is shutting. it. down. See nine Twitter reactions that prove the Jenn Im X ColourPop collaboration is taking over. People can’t wait to get their hands on these peachy lip shades and neutral eye shadows to perfect their summer look. And the fact that basically everyone is trying to get these products at this very moment is causing quite the frenzy.

If you need actual proof, how about the fact that there’s a wait time to even get on to the site. I didn’t even know it was possible to virtually stand in line, but I’m doing it right now. I started with a 16-minute wait time. Oh, Wait. Time’s up! Music just chimed alerting me that it was my turn to enter the site. How kind! Because if you don’t act fast, you lose your spot in line.

Once you’re on the site, a whole world of Jenn-goodness opens up. Peach lipsticks and muted eye palettes are at your disposal, but only if you’re able to get them before they sell out. You better go ahead and secure your place in line now, because based on these Twitter reactions, the struggle of waiting to order these products is really real, so you wouldn't want to delay it any longer than you have to!

These colors are perfect for summer. No wonder everyone wants to own them!

1. Waiting In Line

There's been a line ever since these products launched.

2. Worth The Wait

Cancel your plans for the day and hop in line.

3. Get Movin'

Might as well entertain yourself while you wait.

4. Bye Bye Money

Kiss that money goodbye. Because you know you need these products in your life.

5. It's Finally Time

After waiting for this collab to launch and then waiting to get on the site, it's such a relief when you finally make a purchase.

6. Come On!

Once you place your order, you have to wait some more. Can they just hurry up and get delivered, already?

7. Birthday Shade

You can also get a free "Birthday Boy" eye shadow with your purchase, while supplies last! All the more reason to shop, am I right?

8. Strategy

While you're waiting in line, go ahead and get your strategy in order.

9. Must-Have

There's no denying that this Jenn Ne Sais Quoi collection is something that everyone's excited about.

Get on your computer and enter the queue to purchase this makeup. You wouldn't want to miss out on something this good!

Images: Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics (2)