The One '90s Shoe You Forgot All About

With the '90s comeback barreling along at full speed, some of our favorite trends are appearing from the woodwork and with them, a plethora of '90s shoes we loved. The 1990s was a great time for weird and wonderful fashions, and footwear was no exception. The decade arguably birthed some of the most memorable shoes of all-time. Some nostalgia-loving, footwear-obsessed folks would probably do anything to get their mitts on a pair of killer '90s kicks now.

Among the fave footwear of this period were kooky jelly sandals, those stretchy creepers, and of course, who could forget '90s platform shoes? The Spice Girls, in particular Baby Spice, made platform boots insanely popular, even though most of our moms were paranoid we'd fall and break every bone in our body if we wore them. But there is one shoe that seems to have been forgotten amid the throng of exciting, novelty footwear of the '90s: moon boots.

No, I'm not talking about those dangerous moon shoes that daredevil kids would play with. The space-age shoes I'm referring to are the much more stylish kicks that helped us navigate snowy sidewalks or trek across terrains when we were on a ski vacation. Although Tecnica launched the moon boot in 1969, they came back into vogue in the 1990s. So with the '90s trend still going strong, here are some futuristic yet retro vintage moon boots for sale right now.

1. The Snow White Pair

Women's Vintage Airwalk Moon Boots Size 7 – 8 White, $14, eBay

Blend into snowy surroundings with these vintage white Airwalk moon boots.

2. The Originals

Original Moon Boots Tecnica, $45, Etsy

Bag yourself a pair of the original moon boots, like these dark blue gems.

3. The Stripy Snow Boots

Vintage Waterproof Made USA Ski Snow Moon Boots, $50, eBay

Rainy days call for proper footwear and this stripy pair of boots will help protect your tootsies.

4. The Retro Red Pair

Vintage Women's Airwalk Moon Boots Size 5-6, $29, eBay

Stand out from the crowd whether you're on the streets or covered in snow with a pair of retro red moon boots.

5. The Fluffy Style

Adidas X Carlo Gruber CG Moon Boot Hi W Poppy White Aqua Sz 8.5 NIB Vintage Red, $232, eBay

These cool kicks with a fluffy exterior and a platform heel will look awesome wherever you wear them!

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6. The Rainbow Pair

Vintage '70s/'80s Rainbow Nylon Moon Boots, $65, eBay

You'll feel like a real life Rainbow Brite in these quirky moon boots.

7. The Quilted Boots

Vintage Ellesse Waterproof Snow Boots, Approx. $36, eBay

These quilted Ellesse boots are sure to keep you as snug as a bug in a rug during the wet and wild winter season.

8. The Explorer Boots

Diadora Snow Boots, $175, eBay

These vintage snow boots are sure to have your back during any type of adventure.

9. The Puma Moon Boots

Ultra Rare Vintage Puma Moon Boots, $1,450, eBay

If it's all about the label for you, then you probably wont mind paying just shy of $1.5 thousand for these Puma moon boots.

Depending on how daring you are with fashion, you could invest in some vintage moon boots for winter or wear them all year round. If you want to play it safe, you can even pick up a pair of original moon boots instead.

Images: Courtesy Brands