This Is Kylie Cosmetics Most Popular Product

On Thursday, Kylie Jenner restocked her incredibly successful Kylie Cosmetics products, and as per usual, they sold out insanely fast. It was those sales rates though that clued everyone in to what product people lust over most. It turns out that the matte Lip Kits are Kylie Cosmetics most popular product according to her latest restock. The OG of the Kylie Cosmetics empire is still holding sway over her fans despite the release of metal mattes and glosses, and with so many people raving about the product, it's not exactly surprising.

When Jenner restocked her Lip Kits on Thursday, there was no way to know what was going to sell out first. After all, this is only the second time that Jenner has restocked all of the Kylie Cosmetics products. Typically, Jenner restocks her products weekly, but the formulations vary. One week she'll give fans glosses, the next metal mattes, but during the past two restocks, she has given her fans every Kylie Cosmetics product, and because of this, it's easy to see which formulation fans want most.

According to Thursday's restock, the most popular product seems to be the classic liquid, matte Lip Kits. While the glosses and metal mattes were completely in stock — in their individual forms — multiple Lip Kits were already sold out in minutes. The Lip Kit that sold out first was Mary Jo K and the last was True Brown K. That definitely makes sense since red is a classic color and universally loved. Browns are harder to pull off, but could also experience a resurgence in popularity come fall.

The sell-out rates for Kylie Cosmetics is nothing new, though. Ever since the launch of Jenner's eponymous lippies, they've been selling out on the regular. The emptying out of the Kylie Cosmetics reservoirs doesn't happen over 24 hours, though. The products usually sell out in under an hour, and the occasion is crazy hyped via social media.

Jenner has practically taken Snapchat and Instagram by storm with her restock announcements. From blurbs on her website to swatches of new shades — like her latest metal matte Majesty — social media is basically Jenner's own marketing tool.

Whatever Jenner's trick to her restock's popularity is, it's totally working. However, it seems as though the Lip Kits could do perfectly well on their own. Glosses and metal mattes may come and go, but her Lip Kits could be Jenner's ticket to making beauty history.