Lauren Conrad Could Be Coming Back To MTV

If you lived through the early 2000s, chances are, you were addicted to Laguna Beach. Personally, I couldn't get enough of the drama and the "Stephheeeeens" we'd hear during each episode. If you were a fan, looks like there's some exciting news: Lauren Conrad may be getting a new TV show on MTV, thanks to a cryptic Instagram post that fans were quick to speculate on.

First off, I need to get this off my chest: I was team Kristin all the way. Probably because she had the best style like, ever. Platform flip flops and light washed jeans were her uniform, and she killed the tube top game. Don't even get me started on her collection of sunglasses, and that infamous white dress she wore to the black & white party, where everyone else decided to wear black. Drama, I know.

But, my tender heart did feel for LC, too. And I followed her throughout the years, even into her Hills days, rooting for her in the whole Speidi controversy. Seriously, that was not cool. Shout out to you if you remember her single, perfect mascara-filled tear.

And now, it looks like the TV show gods have dropped us a very nice gift. If this rumored TV show is true, BRB, I gotta jump for joy.

According to Hollywood Life, Conrad tagged MTV and Paper Crown in the photo. If you're not familiar with Paper Crown, it's the fashion line that she founded with Maura Oehm. So, given these clues, we can only imagine that this new TV show will be about fashion and her involvement in this line. It may not be Teen Vogue, but we know there's going to be some juicy scenes to follow.

According to Hollywood Life, MTV has not commented, but "their news site says fans should check Lauren Conrad’s Twitter account on Tuesday, May 31 at 11amET/8amPT for exact details." You bet your ass I'm adding that time to my calendar. Another interesting coincidence? That'll be the 10-year anniversary of The Hills premiere.

In honor of this incredibly exciting news, let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

This Iconic Scene

Why, yes, sucky is a legitimate thing to call someone.

The Tear

You remember this. You have to!

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This Absolute Gem

Yes, Lauren, yes.

These Sunnies

I was so into these.


I couldn't love her more right now.


And with that, I hope producers see just how much we need this TV show. Bring LC back on the screen, bring LC back! Stay tuned to hear more about this show, and try not to hyperventilate.