4 Moves That Pretty Much Guarantee Killer Legs

It may not be mini-skirt season yet, but it's coming as surely as the next mind-blowing cliffhanger on Scandal . Instead of stressing last minute, add these leg firming moves from the team at Physique 57 to your workout now. That way you'll be able to toss your black tights as soon as the temperature breaks 60 degrees (hurrah!).

Curtsy With Arm Pulses

Works: Your entire lower body, back muscles, arms and coreHow to: Start with feet in a small "V" position (heels together and toes two inches apart). From there, incline your body forward at a 45-degree angle. Bend your knees and slide your right leg back about two feet behind you, crossing your body so that your right foot is on the floor lined up behind your left shoulder. Keep your back heel high and your front foot flat with arms out to the sides and palms facing up. Lower your back knee toward the floor and lift up and down an inch from there. As your back knee lowers, pulse your arms up. Make sure to keep your hips and shoulders squared and the front knee stable over the ankle. Repeat 30-60 reps on each leg.

The Pretzel

Works: Your butt, hips and waistHow to: Start seated with your right leg at a 90-degree angle in front of you and your left leg at a 90-degree angle behind you. Bring your hands straight in line with the shin of your right leg. Bring your back thigh as far behind you as possible and tilt your foot higher than your knee. Raise your left leg off the floor for 30 repetitions — remember to engage your abs!

Thigh Dancing

Works: Your thighs (duh)How to: Start in a kneeling position with your knees hip width apart and your seat on your heels. Lift your seat off your heels just an inch, reach your arms to the ceiling and begin a small lift and lower, being sure to keep your seat off your heels the whole time. After 15 little lifts, keep your butt lifted off your heels but stop pulsing, and start to shake your hips side to side, 15 times, adding a pull of your arms, elbow to hip. For an intense burn, try to keep your shoulders slightly behind your hips throughout all variations.

The Power Plié

Works: Your thighs, butt, and calf musclesHow to: Take a wide stance. Your feet should turn out naturally from your hips and be wide enough apart so that you can lower your hips to knee level. Begin to take mini-bends in the legs (pulses) keeping the seat at knee level and your spine straight. After 30-60 pulses, start to alternate your heels, lifting one heel and then the other high off the floor while pulsing your hips up and down. Finish with your feet flat and your knees still. Hold your pelvis at knee level and shake your hips side to side, working into your waistline.

Main image: Dirima/Fotolia

Workout images: Courtesy of Physique 57