Rihanna's Original Creepers Might Not Come Back

Ever since Rihanna teamed up with Puma, she's been creating fabulous shoes that become best sellers the moment they hit the shelves. The Creeper instantly became 2016's biggest must-have shoe right out of the gate, and this week some brand new colors were released. Unfortunately, the original ones were still MIA. Will the Rihanna's original Creeper ever come back? Well, we don't know for sure, but either way they're too good to be forgotten any time soon.

When you combine casually cool style, a legendary brand, and a superstar, you're going to get something great. Just how great? Let me break it down for you. First came the original Creepers (you might remember those from Cara Delevingne's trip to the White House). They were so popular that Rihanna and the brand teamed up again to add three new colorways to the Creeper family, and also designed a new style, the Trainer, for the brand.

If you missed out the first time, you might have wondered if the original colors would be back in stock on May 26 when the new ones dropped. Sadly, they were no where to be found on the Puma website. Bustle has reached out to the brand for comment on whether the original Creepers will ever be restocked.

Puma reps previously confirmed via email to Bustle that both the new and original Creeper colors were limited release and that "restocks are not planned. Should it happen, press and consumers will be informed." This is sad news for fans who haven't gotten a chance to cop these kicks yet, but at least the brand left the possibility for updates slightly open. Let's just be honest, you know the Creepers will be in style for pretty much ever. You never know what you have until it's gone, right? The original Creepers are proof of that.

Judging from the 35 minute sell-out time when the new Creepers were released on the Puma website, I'd say these bad boys were just as fabulous the second time around. In the event that the originals are never restocked you can always try and shop them on eBay, but know that you will be paying way over the original price and you should be very careful to make sure you are buying from a legit seller.

Bottom line, the shoes are tremendously popular, even months after their release. Fingers crossed that means that there will be even more colors and styles out in the future, regardless of any plans to re-release the Creepers that started it all.