11 Sports Bras That Actually Work

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As many people can tell you, not all sports bras are created equal. Some are made with flimsy fabrics, while others can be suffocating against the skin. So before you hit the gym, it's best to find a sports bra that actually works with your workout. Skip over the bras that remind you a little too much of middle school gym class. You know the ones with zero support or cushion? As a grown woman, those skimpy little sports bras can only lead to an uncomfortable disaster.

Instead, look for bras that are going to move with you without sacrificing support or comfort. Personally, I love looking for sports bras that offer wider straps and thicker bands. These bras tend to offer more support without feeling too heavy on my chest or shoulders. Next, I tend to gravitate towards bras that offer some sort of cooling system. Whether it's moisture-wicking fabric or mesh ventilation,these bras all but eliminate stifling boob sweat. It's an absolute life savor during super sweaty workouts. Wondering which sports bras you should be reaching for? Here are 11 sports bras that actually work for any workout.

1. Saucony Bounce Trouncer Bra

Bra, $48,

Need a bra that supports your chest, while keeping you dry and comfortable? This is the one for you. Created with mesh panels for extra breathability, this is a bra that puts in the work for you.

2. Jockey Ventilator Bra

Bra, $36,

Keep your chest dry during your workout with this lightweight ventilated bra.

3. Champion Spot Comfort Full-Support Sports Bra

Bra, $33.99,

From adjustable gel-cushioned stripes to a smooth chafe-free lining, this bra is perfect mix of comfort and protection.

4. Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer III

Bra, $58,

From yoga to crossfit, this bra is perfect for all of your exercising needs.

5. Panache Sports Bra

Bra, $70,

With sizes ranging from 34B to 34J, it's a little easier to find your perfect fit with this sports bra.

6. Champion The Zip Front-Closure High-Impact Sports Bra

Bra, $32.99,

Breathable mesh panels, mold cups, and moisture-wicking fabric help to make this bra an absolute standout.

7. CW-X Xtra Support Bra III

Bra, $50,

Keep cool during every style of workout with this moisture-wicking bra. Created with Coolmax technology, the fabric actually helps to move sweat away from the body for rapid evaporation and cooling.

8. SmartWool Women's PhD Seamless Double Strappy Bra

Bra, $55,

Here's a sports bra that is crazy comfortable. The fabric is made out of seamless knit Merino wool, which allows the bra to feel so silky against the skin.

9. Shock Absorber Women's Ultimate-Run Sports Bra

Bra, $39.45 - $79.98,

Here's a sports bra that can handle almost anything. Created with friction-reducing fabric, it's perfect for long runs and intensive exercises. Also, the bra comes in a variety of sizes from 30A to 38F, so any woman can find her perfect size.

10. Anita Women's Extreme Control Sport Bra

Bra, $24.95 - $73,

Keep your ladies in line with this comfortably fitted sports bra. With a wide variety of sizes (30B - 46E), this bra is exactly what your next workout needs.

11. Nike Pro Fierce Starglass

Bra, $45,

Created for medium-impact exercise like cycling or dancing, this seamless citing bra is exactly what you need for your next SoulCycle class.

Don't get bogged down by an ill-fitting sports bra. Find one that works with your body type and exercise needs.

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