Twitter Can't Handle NikkieTutorials X Too Faced

Now that the Internet has finally seen what NikkieTutorials’ latest collab is going to look like, it’s safe to say that everyone is freaking out. And more than just a little bit. See the 15 best Twitter reactions to the NikkieTutorials X Too Faced palette because people can hardly contain their excitement.

TBH, you can’t blame them for it, either. I mean, the palette does feature nine different eye shadows, after all. Each one is Nikkie-inspired and absolutely fabulous, which of course, was to be expected. The palette also contains blushes and bronzers, so you’re going to be able to paint your entire face with these gorgeous hues. You’ve basically got your entire makeup routine in one palette, and it really doesn’t get better than that.

And the Internet has definitely recognized this makeup’s greatness. From freaking out over how gorgeous the shades are to begging Too Faced to go ahead and take their money, people are more than ready for this baby to go on sale. Thankfully, August isn’t too far away. I’m just hoping people can make it that long! At least there are some swatches everyone can stare at in the meantime. That should help get us through, right guys?

Isn't this amazing? I can't look away!

I can hardly wait for all of the tutorials using this palette to come.

1. Favorite Collab Ever

This is officially a favorite.

2. Bye

Nobody talk to me or ask me for anything until the palette drops.

3. Round Of Applause

Everybody clap your hands!

4. Header Image

Because have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

5. So Good

It's almost too good to be true.

6. Take My Money

Here. Take it all.

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7. Sad Day

It's a sad, sad day when you realize just how broke you are.

8. Feeling Alive

The prospect of new makeup always makes you feel alive again, doesn't it?

9. Convince Yourself

Trying to convince yourself that you don't need this will never work.

10. Freak Out

This palette is worthy of a full-on freak out.

11. Not Ready

When you just weren't prepared for this greatness.

12. Live For This

This is what makes life worth living.

13. YAS

Nikkie is getting it with this collab!

14. Life

A collab this great is life.

15. Come On August

I'd hate to wish the summer away, but can it hurry up and be August, already?

The Internet has spoken, and there's really no denying just how incredible this palette is.

Images: nikkietutorials/Instagram (1)