Where To Buy Ariana Grande's "Into You" Necklace

There's a lot going on in Ariana Grande's "Into You" music video, from the majestic desert backdrop to her gorgeous co-star, Don Benjamin (of America's Next Top Model fame), to her '90s inspired denim and flannel outfit. But one thing — or rather, bling — that you might have missed the first time watching the clip is the necklace that she wears with a subtle message. So, where can you buy Ari's "Taken" necklace from the "Into You" video? The piece is from New York-based jeweler Alex Woo, who told Billboard about how the necklace fits into the song's theme of first love.

"[The arrow] incorporates the word 'taken' in my handwriting across the center of the piece," she said. "I designed the arrow to represent being love-struck by Cupid's bow and arrow. It captures that sudden excitement you get when you’re first in love and want to show it proudly... These two pieces really capture that 'Into You' feeling that Ariana sings about. In the video she's having this secret love tryst and is 'taken' with this guy." Woo also designed a second necklace that Grande wears in the video: a Princess Kiss pendant that features a tiny heart in the middle.

Both necklaces can be purchased from Woo's website, where they are available in either sterling silver, 14 karat gold, or 14 karat white gold with diamonds. The silver "Taken" necklace retails for $128, but the white gold and diamond version is $898. In addition to appearing in Grande's latest music video, Woo's designs have also been worn by celebrities like Zendaya and Jennifer Lopez.

Here's a closer look at her "Taken" necklace from the video.

Words Taken Arrow necklace by Alex Woo, $128

There are also other cute necklaces available that feature a similar arrow design. Stella & Dot's version is a minimalist golden dream.

Stella & Dot "On The Mark" necklace, $59

For an even more budget friendly alternative, check out this statement necklace from Charming Charlie.

Charming Charlie "Free Spirit" pendant necklace, $8

So, whether you're "Taken" or feeling a little more free-spirited, a cute necklace like Ari's in her "Into You" music video is perfect for your summer wardrobe.