Pharrell Takes Us Inside Chanel's Design Atelier

It's one thing to see fashion from the pages of a magazine or (if you're lucky enough) up-close on the runway, but after watching a video of Pharrell's tour of Chanel's design atelier, I've come to appreciate the art behind couture even more. The talented singer, producer, and fashion designer was invited by designer Karl Lagerlfeld to the Chanel Maison D'Art to meet the talented craftsmen and artists who create the beautiful pieces for the French fashion house. According to a statement released by Chanel:

Through the exceptional work of the embroiderer Lesage, the feathers and flowers maker Lemarié, the pleater Lognon, the shoe maker Massaro and the hat maker Maison Michel, Pharrell Williams was able to plunge to the very heart of their creative processes and take part in the creation of these unique pieces from the Métiers d'art Paris in Rome 2015/16 collection.

If there's anyone more deserving to step inside the creative heartbeat of Chanel, it's Pharrell. Not only is he a CFDA Fashion Icon awardee, but Skateboard P has often worn Chanel on the red carpet unlike anyone else. He is a true original with a vast knowledge and passion for fashion history. While I would gladly walk in Pharrell's shoes any day, there's something about those precious minutes that he spent inside Chanel's design factory that is simply remarkable.

Watch the video of Pharrell at the Chanel Atelier and prepare to swoon at the best fashion field trip ever.

Here are 11 things that I loved about this video:

1. Pharrell's Smile Before Entering The Atelier

He knows this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and is genuinely happy to be there.

2. This Gorgeous Sketch

I mean...

3. The Flowers

They're so delicate and dreamy.

4. More Flowers

Chanel's iconic Camellias make a cameo.

5. Thumbs Up

Pharrell lets the artists know how they're doing with a thumbs up gesture and a simple, "Good job."

6. These Fabric Swatches

They're like tiny little Chanel jackets just waiting to be worn.

7. This Couture Bib

Check out that beadwork.

8. This Work Of Art

Made by human hands. Swoon.

9. This Loom

The artist working this loom is also pretty badass.

10. The Group Photo

The heart and soul of Chanel, folks.

11. Pharrell Hard At Work

As someone who truly appreciates fashion, Pharrell deserves to witness how Chanel comes to life through the work of such wonderful and dedicated artists.

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