Sephora x Mara Hoffman Won't Break The Bank

The newest designer collab hitting the market isn't going to be with your favorite fast fashion brand, but with Sephora. Popsugar reported that the Sephora x Mara Hoffman line "Kaleidoscope" is launching in July 2016, and it's going to make all our bohemian beauty dreams come true. The designer, known for her acidic prints and festival-inspired womenswear, is spreading her boho influences outside of the wardrobe and into our makeup drawers.

So what does a bohemian beauty routine look like and, more importantly, how much does Sephora x Mara Hoffman cost? Does it have a hefty price tag, or can the common beauty connoisseur afford the line?

According to Popsugar, we can expect "three do-it-all cheek trios in bronze, blush, and highlighter shades ($28); five slightly pigmented lip glosses that range from beige to coral ($28); and a tinted lip balm in a sheer rose hue ($18)." While the products are slightly on the pricier side as compared to most drugstore beauty items, they are still definitely budget-friendly in the higher-end market.

The collaboration is going to be minimalist goodness, as Hoffman wants to focus on bare faces and a just-came-back-from-the-beach aesthetic. She shared with Popsugar, "I don't want you to look like you're wearing makeup... I feel like I'm my natural most comfortable state of being when I look — it's not disheveled — but like I've been in nature on some level."

Popsugar continued, "A stand-out is a multitasking balm for face, body, and hair ($30) with the loveliest lavender scent. There are also Mara Hoffman–printed makeup brushes ($24-$64) and cosmetics cases ($20-$110) that double as clutches."

The prices reflect the ingredients that were used to make the cosmetics, seeing as Hoffman tried to make things as natural as possible. According to Popsugar, "What makes these items so exceptional is that they contain mostly natural and organic ingredients, such as sunflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter, lavender and rosemary leaf extract, and coconut oil." Hoffman herself told the publication, "Anywhere we could, we used organic or natural ingredients instead of synthetics." If you're all about only using natural makeup or lotions, this could be the line for you.

On top of that, the packaging is eco-friendly as well. Popsugar pointed out, "Not only does it showcase her Spring 2016 prints, but it is also mostly made from sustainable materials. The brushes, cases, and makeup contain feature-coated organic cotton canvases and FSC–certified sustainable wood, and utilize low-impact printing."

Knowing all this, the beauty line's prices seem pretty fair game.