Fashion Struggles Girls Experienced In The 2000s

The early 2000s were a confusing time. It was the era of purses woven from candy wrappers and a time when tank tops ruled supreme. But growing up in it, there were certain fashion struggles every girl faced in the 2000s. Sure, looking back now we shake our heads with pity at our former selves, but back then all those regrettable trends were the epitome of hot. From tinted sunglasses paired with velour sweat suits to cotton tiered mini skirts, the beginning of the millennium had a uniform. And with that uniform came some tricky spots and gripes, where fashion didn't always exactly meet function.

There were certain things about our favorite early 2000s trends that didn't always jive well, and because of that struggles were born. For example, people could hear you coming a mile away from all the charm bracelets you wore, and your mesh flats bought from the mall kiosk seem to break faster than an actual pair of fishnet pantyhose. But a fashionista knows that she sometimes has to suffer for her style, and so many of us took these challenges in stride and did the best we could with them. But let's take a moment and hash them out, for old times sake: Below are 11 fashion struggles every girl experienced in the 2000s.

1. The Bottoms Of Your Velour Pants Always Got Dirty

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Mainly because you had to wear them slung low on your hips for maximum ~midriff~ exposure à la Britney Spears. And if they were riding below your hip bones, you know the bottoms of those sweats would drag on the floor as you walked, creating unsightly hems.

2. Not Knowing Which Tanks To Layer

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You had camisoles and then ribbed tank tops, which you would mix and match and layer on top of each other. But after awhile and countless of combinations, you'd have to pause and ask: Which tank should I wear with my tiered A&F skirt that I haven't before?

3. Not Having Back Pockets

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If you knew what was hot, then your jeans most definitely didn't have back pockets. But then an issue arose: Your jeans didn't have any friggen back pockets. As in, where would you stuff your Razor flip phone?

4. You Had No Idea How To Wear Your Asymmetrical Skirt

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Is the long bit supposed to face left, or right? Or should you mix it up and wear the short hem in the front, and the long part in the back? Is there a wrong way to wear this monstrosity? Why hasn't Seventeen covered this yet?!

5. Not Being Able To Keep Your Denim Skirt Up

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You might be wondering, but why would my postage-stamp size denim skirt be falling off? Because the correct way to wear it was unbuttoned with the waist slightly folded down, like you're about to peel out of it and run to the beach. The only issue was that it then had the habit of trying to shimmy down your legs, for obvious reasons.

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6. Not Getting Your Zebra Highlights Perfectly Symmetrical

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Especially if you happened to DIY these highlights at home with a box of L'Oréal.

7. Having To Argue With Your Mom Over Your Corset Top

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No, mom, it's not lingerie. No, mom, I'm not lying. I really am just going to get bread sticks with my friends at Pizza Hut. Where else would I go with this suggestive corset?!

8. Being Unsure If You're Pulling Off The Tunic + Jeans Look

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You know it's a tunic, but it feels like a dress. So it feels like you just layered a dress over long, flared jeans and you think you might look cool but you're not 100 percent sure because, again, it's a summer dress on top of jeans. Dare you trust that kind of logic?

9. Not Being Sure How You Felt About Cargo Pants, But Still Wearing Them

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And these weren't just any cargo pants. These weren't the cargos your dad wore while barbecuing during June, no. These were next-gen. As in, they looked like cargos but came in a medley of different textures and prints, like, say, cameo or denim.

10. Getting Caught Wearing Your Belt Scarf As An Actual Scarf

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"Wait, wasn't that holding up your pants two days ago?" Yea man, it's called repurposing.

11. Your Clear Bra Straps Not Doing What They Promised To Do

Fashion Forms Women's Clear Bra Straps, $3.99,

You could still see them. You know they're clear and not "invisible," but honestly, how are they any better than regular old black bra straps? It makes no sense.

While most of these trends and styles were confusing, we still loved them. And they're still fun to reminisce (and shake our heads sadly over!)

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