11 Classy But Cool Tattoos You'll Want To Get

When you think "classic" you can think of timeless, staying, forever-chic. But you can also think of antique, old, uninteresting. There's a plus side and a negative side when dabbling with classic trends, but when it comes to ink, there are plenty of classic tattoos that are still cool. Things that come back into fashion from decades ago are called retro, but when something never went out of style to begin with, it's just plain classic.

But what if you want something original and exciting when it comes to tatting up your body? After all, tattoos are often super personal experiences. Often times a person gets some ink because the image means something to them or was so beautiful it pulled at them. You don't want to get the same ol' thing that everybody else gets. But "classic" doesn't necessarily means "copy."

The cool thing about getting a classic tattoo is that chance are it won't go out of style. It's not going to be like a Woody Woodpecker tat you got in high school and then regret in your 30s. It's going to stick around. Having said that, here are 11 classic but totally cool tattoos that prove a timeless tat doesn't have to be boring.

1. Mandala Work

Whether you did a "find myself" trip through Asia after school or you just think the design is beautiful, a mandala tattoo is a classic choice. And if you want to mix it up a bit, find a clever spot to place it, like wrapped around the wrist like in this example.

2. Origami Tats

You can make them tiny like this example, or blow them up to take over your arm. But whatever you do, you know you'll have something classic because of its simplicity.

3. Broken Heart Tats

No matter what decade we're in, there's one thing we can count on: People will continue to fall in love, and continue to break their hearts. At least you can commiserate with a BA mourning tattoo like this one.

4. Evil Eye Tats

Everyone would like a little help in the protection department. Whether you seek shielding from bad karma that might trip up your dreams, or protection from that one person that keeps stealing your parking spot, and evil eye tat will do the trick.

5. Minimalist Flowers

Who needs a whole bouquet when you can have a couple of pretty sprigs? Flowers will never go out of style, mainly because you can decide how to represent them.

6. Loud Flowers

Having said that, if you're not looking to make a quiet statement with your floral design, than amp up the size and design. Let those wildflowers bloom all over your body.

7. Text Tattoos

Whether you want to remember a beautiful line of poetry or a code of living, text tattoos are a classic choice to show what ideas you live by. But to update the idea a little, try getting one in a font that feels very 2016, like this minimalist, negative-space one.

8. Phases Of The Moon Tats

For every free-spirited, hippie out there, this tat is a total must.

9. Heart Tattoos

Update the classic "Mom" heart tattoo with a new phrase scrawled on the inside. For those of you taht are fiercely independent, the words "not you" will do!

10. Portrait Tattoos

If a person or an idea of a person means enough to you, you tat them onto your body. That trend will never change, but the way the person is depicted could. Try giving them a more cartoon-y feel rather than representing them as an actual portrait.

11. Secret Meaning Tats

Sometimes you tattoo a phrase onto your body in a different language or using a different alphabet. Take that a step further and go Morse next time.

Just because a tattoo idea is a classic one, that doesn't mean it's over done or dated. It's lasted the test of time — it's a total keeper!

Images: @heartshapedtattoos/ Instagram