9 Hairstyles To Copy If You're Always Sweaty

As much as we all love summer, there are definitely some aspects to it that might make you miss winter a teeny bit. All that sunshine is great in theory, but as a girl with long hair, things can go from amazing to uncomfortable pretty darn quick. But no worries, because I've rounded up some of the best hairstyles for people who are always hot to help you survive the summer heat, without sacrificing style.

If you always emerge at the end of the long, hot summer swearing it's time to cut your hair short (and actually do it, much to your regret come the gorgeous fall weather), you're totally not alone. Having long hair is the bane of my existence in the summer, and even if your hair isn't super long but more on the medium side, the struggle is totally real. Anything that sits on your neck accumulating sweat is not exactly fun, but that doesn't mean you have to cut it shorter — you just may have to sacrifice wearing it down every single day.

Before you relegate yourself to a basic ponytail, you might want to try out one of these styles that are a little more fun, but will help keep you cool when things get all hot and sweaty in the summer.

1. Messy Bun

The messy bun is my go-to style. If it's up on top of your head, you aren't going to feel it anywhere on your neck, and that is a saving grace. This tutorial gives you six variations on it, so you'll never get bored with the same old basic bun.

2. French Braid Updo

If you have an event or want something a little more polished than a messy bun, learn how to create a low bun with a french braid. It's a little more glam, but still keeps your hair off your neck.

3. Braid

If you're willing to risk having your hair down, a fishtail or a braid is your best bet. Instead of having your hair falling all over your neck and shoulders, this style keeps it compact, and you can wear it over to one side so as to minimize the contact your hair makes with your skin. If you want to have a little more fun with it, add flowers because summer.

4. High Pony

Since you're trying to beat the heat here, you probably want to skip a low ponytail, which will sit on your neck, and try out a high one. This tutorial will teach you how to create a high ponytail with lots of volume, which can be cute and fun for a casual daytime look, or work for a glam, nighttime style.

5. Short Hair Updo

Having short hair seems ideal in the summer, but even so, sometimes you just want to pull it back. You don't need long hair to create an updo — learn how to do one on short hair with this video.

6. Waterfall Bun

Sometimes you just get the urge to pop on a headband or bobby pin your front pieces/bangs back, but this tutorial teaches you how to make a headband braid, which let's be real, is way cuter than bobby pins.

7. Half Bun

If your issue with getting hot is having hair around your face, particularly your front pieces, then try a half bun updo. Your hair will still hang around your neck, but at least it's up and off your forehead.

8. Double Top Buns

If you just can't with your hair getting in your face, but are over the singular top bun, consider splitting your hair up and rocking two.

9. Pigtail Braids

It doesn't get easier than pigtail braids, but don't worry — this elementary school favorite is super chic again.

Images: Ambrosia Malbrough/YouTube