8 Things Not To Ask Your Waxer

by Courtney Leiva

Selecting a hair removal method in the summertime can be tricky. From shaving to waxing to sugaring and lasering, there are just so many options, all of which seem to have equal amounts of pros and cons. While it's not the most painless method, waxing your legs and underarms is a crazy effective way to stay hairless for a longer period of time than shaving will provide. In addition, waxing regularly usually proves to be more cost-effective than shaving, making it all too tempting to ditch that razor once and for all.

Waxing at home is definitely an option, but you'll probably want to visit a pro when you start out. Of course, your first trip to the waxing studio can be super weird (especially for your first bikini wax!) but while you may have no clue how the process works, it’s usually best to keep good etiquette in mind during each visit. Yes, you may feel obligated to make some form of conversation to offset the looming awkwardness, but some waxing experts I talk to feel that some areas of dialogue can be a tad bit inappropriate while they're ripping your hair out.

To keep things kosher next time you schedule that Brazilian, here’s eight things you shouldn’t typically ask for when getting a wax.

1. "Can I Have A Discount?"

This is numero uno for the waxers I spoke with. We all love a good discount, but it's just plain rude to ask for a service at less than cost if there are no specials advertised. Be aware of the price your salon charges before you walk in for the appointment.

“Customers should always read the descriptions of the service or get clarity on what the service entails as well as the price before getting to the treatment room,” says Mandi Dowsey owner of Waxuality Salon. Asking for a discount includes asking your waxer to throw in bonus hair removal for free. “For instance, clients will ask for the stomach area to be waxed during a Brazilian wax, knowing it is not a region typically included in that service, anywhere," Dowsey explains. Don't try to get sneaky: Your waxer will see right through you.

2. "Will It Be Over Soon?"

Waxers are trained to deliver the best results carefully, making impatience another waxing don't. Pressuring your esthetician is not only comes across as rude, but a rushed wax can ultimately cause damage to the skin.

"Waxing cannot be rushed," says Noemi Grupenmager, founder, and CEO of Uni K Wax Centers. "In haste, a rushed wax can cause a number of problems including burning, peeling, discoloration or scarring of the skin, as well as an allergic reaction."

3. "What Do You Think Of Donald Trump?"

Bikini and brazilian waxes can be awkward, as waxing estheticians see more of you than most semi-strangers. But while you may feel obligated to break the ice and start some kind of conversation, many waxing experts prefer you leave the controversial topics at home — at least until you've gotten to know your waxer.

“The waxing room is no place for political or religious discussions,” says Grupenmager. “When our customers come to have their waxing services they want to leave issues at the door, and have a relaxing experience.”

4. "Does A Brazilian Hurt?"

This one is practically a no-brainer, especially since Brazilian waxes require hair removal in more sensitive areas. And while you could use pre-numbing creams to minimize pain, waxing experts say that experiencing some form of discomfort during waxing is only natural.

"Don't ask if a Brazilian hurts," says Hibba Kapil, Founder of Hibba Beauty Studio. "We are removing hair by the roots on a very intimate part of your body, so no matter what, it is going to be a little uncomfortable."

5. "Can I See How My Brows Look So Far?"

A good brow shaping takes time, and the fact that you can't see yourself in the mirror while it's happening can make you a little antsy. But you should trust that your waxer is doing a good job, rather than asking to check in every 30 seconds. Peeking at your brows mid-wax can actually mess with the final result.

"There's nothing more discrediting than a non-trusting client," says Kapil. "I want my clients to let me know what they want, and I show them what works best for their face. Plus, it's always recommended to give your brow artist some space to work," Kapil explains.

6. "Is Tip Included?"

Asking about tip also frustrates waxers, as waxing services are still considered cosmetic treatments that require gratuity. When receiving any kind of waxing service, it's recommended you tip your esthetician at least 20 percent.

'It’s somewhat frustrating when customers ask if tip isn’t included because a bikini wax is a cosmetic service and not necessarily a medical procedure," says Nicole Roketenetz, Esthetic Director at Bella Santé Spa. "Just like any other beauty treatment or service, it’s proper etiquette to tip."

7. "Can I Hold Your Hand?"

Pain during waxing may be very uncomfortable, but waxers can't hand-hold you through the process. So. while it may be tempting to hold your waxers hand, this is actually quite irritating to estheticians, as waxers need both hands to perform waxing services correctly.

"It's a reflex to grab our hands, but it's hard because we need two hands to work," says Kapil. "If you need to grab something, grab the side of the waxing table, or bring a stress ball with you."

8. "Can I Tell You What That Other Waxer Did?"

Gossiping is another big annoyance for waxers, as bad mouthing other estheticians can create an unhealthy working environment.

"Customers shouldn’t bad mouth one waxer to another because the current waxer may get the feeling that the customer will bad mouth her at the client’s next appointment," says Roketenetz. "Clients can come off as picky and hard to please and also, everybody’s pain levels are different so one client may think a specific waxer is more painful than another."

Instead of indulging in unnecessary trash talk, providing constructive feedback to your waxer is totally encouraged. This creates a good dialogue between both client and waxer, making future appointments more effective.

"If you didn’t have a good experience at your last wax appointment and you want to tell your new esthetician things you do or don’t like, that’s more than helpful," adds Roketenetz.

Overall, waxers just want you to have an amazing experience, despite all the pain hair removal can cause. Keeping the convo light and polite will make sure everyone walks away happy.

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