This Mom Encourages You To Embrace Your Muffin Top

Most of us have things that we don’t like about our bodies, no matter how self-accepting we are. After pregnancy, a woman’s body fundamentally changes, and usually not in ways that make it easier to live up to society’s unrealistic beauty expectations.

Aside from the stretch marks and organ-rearranging that occurred during your pregnancy, the post-baby muffin top is practically unavoidable, no matter how many sit-ups you do. Maybe, instead of forcing your already-tired new mom self to diet away those post-pregnancy pounds or opting for liposuction, you could just embrace your muffin top. And maybe rap about it.

Toronto-based comic Erin Keaney, for one, is proud of her muffin top. As part of a sketch show called “PUSH! One Mother of a Show,” Keaney wrote a ridiculously mom-tastic and goofy “Muffin Top Rap” to perform live. At the encouragement of her husband, Keaney created the dorky-yet-empowering music video to promote her version of body acceptance. The results were awesome:

It’s refreshing to see a comedienne talk about her experiences as a mom in a relatable way, especially it means communicating a message of body acceptance. In the video, Keaney declares in verse that we need to change the way we feel about our perfectly imperfect bodies in order to empower our own kids:

Embrace your mother load, we got to lead the way

Teach our kids to be confident in their bodies

Turn down the voice of peer pressure

We come in all different sizes, height, weight and colors.

In an interview with The Today Show, Keaney says “I wanted my girls to know that I love my body.” I suspect that Keaney’s daughters will probably be mortified when they first see their mom’s viral video, but at least they’ll have grown up in an environment that encourages them to love themselves and their bodies, even if their mom is a total dweeb.

Image: Erin Keaney