This Is Where to Find Girl Scout Cookies

Just when you were patting yourself on the back for adhering to your New Year's resolution of cutting down on sweets, Girl Scout cookie season has arrived. These delectable treats are much sought after — so much so that The Kellogg Company created "Girl Scout Cookie Locator," an app to assist you on your sugary endeavors.

So if all your female cousins have grown out of their green vests, your always-reliable neighbor has thrown in her sash, and your co-workers aren't passing around that coveted order form this year, never fear. The app connects you to those with the goods based on your location. You simply put in your zip code and it points you to cookie booth sales, connects you with your local Girl Scout council, and gives you a complete list of available cookie flavors, so you know if they stock your beloved Trefoils.

When browsing the app, an added feature tells you no only where to find the cookies, but also when they become available — conveniently alerting you of when cookies are most plentiful in your place of residency. The app even provides a countdown just to contribute to the anticipation.

After all, isn't it a part of the Girl Scout Law to help people at all times? With this app, consider yourself set for life.

Image: The Kellogg Company