If You're Unhappy With the Color of Your Vagina...

Nothing wrong with testing out a new shade of blonde on your locks or giving that new bright red lipstick a chance. But dyeing your lady parts? I'm not so sure about that one. Recently making the Internet rounds is a product called My Pink Button, a coloring agent that "restores the 'pink' back to a woman's genitals." You heard me right.

The rosy formula was created by a "female certified Paramedical Esthetician," or skin care specialist, who saw her own labia losing it's color (is this even a thing?). Apparently, other women out there had the same complaint, and My Pink Button was born. The kits include dye, disposable applicators, a mixing tray, and an instructional guide.

Believe it or not, all four shades of My Pink Button are sold out on the product's website! So where else could you find this coveted product? Amazon, of course! The dye is for sale on the popular shopping website, and the reviews accompanying it are nothing short of hysterical.

1,500 people found the following comment helpful:

First, does it work on other areas downtown, or is this really a ladies-only product? I'm not saying I need it repackaged in a "My New Balloon Knot" tin, I'm just curious if it works, chemically.Second, what is the brightest color they make? Somehow, I suspect "Audry" is pretty refined. Classy. I'm looking more for something more along the lines of "Enraged Baboon" or "Fleet Week."Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Another Amazon user left this remark after rating My Pink Button with only one star:

I would never buy this product. Instead I like to get a sick thrill from skulking around in the shadows, tricking men into my beige vagina.

Other users tapped into their creativity to poke fun at the product:

My boyfriend has a bit of an Avatar fetish, and enjoys making love during cosplay. I really need this product in blue, to complete my costume. It would also help any Smurf cosplayers out there.

With about 100 customer reviews, My Pink Button is surely the laughing stock of the Internet. And for those considering buying the product, I'm sure the current color of your vagina is just fine.

Image: My New Pink Button