I'm A Good Person, Trust My Tinder Profile

When you have to choose five photos from the hundreds of you're tagged in on Facebook for your Tinder profile, which ones do you choose? Maybe a selfie that shows off your lovely, three-years-of-braces smile. Or that photo from last Saturday when your hair and lipstick was absolutely on-point. Oh, I know! You should choose a photo from your volunteer trip to Haiti where you're posing with your host family. Wait, what?

Responding to a recent trend on the popular dating app, the "Humanitarians of Tinder" Tumblr page collects and posts photos of Tinder users who decided to show off their humanitarian efforts in their photo gallery. It's understandable to post your photos on social media, such as Facebook, to show your friends your amazing, and possibly life-changing, trip. But using one of those photos to show off your kind heart through an app commonly used for hookups? Now that's questionable.

Helping explain the lengths people will go to make themselves look desirable on Tinder, Tinder Seduction, a guide for first-time users of the app, said the second most important thing to remember when creating a profile is to pick your best photos. For example, photos of yourself displaying positive body language or a photo with a conversation point. The website suggests photos of you and your pet, however, not ones from your volunteer explorations, as seen below.

Disclaimer: despite the fact that, indeed, I do "l-o-v-e l-i-f-e," the Allie pictured above is not me. My photo of choice would most likely feature me and my Bichon Frise, not a hang sesh with half-naked men in tribal garb.

Images: Humanitarians of Tumblr